This Is My Year!

After being separated for over 3 years I decided it was time to jump into the dating scene. Hmm.... where would I go that I would possibly meet someone? Work? Nope! The park with the kids? Doubtful. A bar? No thanks. I had been avoiding the big flashing neon sign in my head displaying "online dating", fully equipped with the scary crackling sound that makes it that much more creepy. Everyone is doing it right? How bad could it be? So I started creating a profile on a free site. I figured a free site would be a good place to get my feet wet, so to speak. Creating this profile was a more difficult task then I imagined. I could get through the basics but when I got to the section about what i do for fun, hobbies and interests I was stuck. What do I do? I work, I take care of my kids. Wow I'm boring huh? Why was this so difficult. I didn't have a hobby or something I was passionate about. The standard "hanging out with friends and family" would be my entry. Blahhhh. Who would want to date me? I could imagine myself sitting with a prospective suitor and him yawning as I stumble through a very boring description of what I do for fun. Well, as it turns out someone (a very awesome someone after several not so awesome people) did want to date me! Maybe it's my sparkling personality that won out over my lack of extracurricular activities. And here we are a year later, happily in love. I really do have a point here. I still thought about what I like to do... and still lacked an interest in something that defined ME. Me as a human being, me as an individual, as a woman. Yes being a mother is the most rewarding job and I am blessed and honored to have it. But I felt I was lacking somehow and that there is so much more I could be doing. Something all mine that defines who I am. So now 10 weeks into my journey to health I found what I am passionate about! It's helping people realize they can have it all! Health, Wealth and Happiness. Sounds corny right? It really is the truth. When a friend calls me and says "I can't believe the energy I have" or "I lost 2 inches in my waist this week" or "I made $300 dollars this week and didn't even leave my house!" it's the BEST feeling! The skepticism they had is out the window because they are now experiencing all the amazing benefits of nutritional cleansing. And now you can ask me what I like to do for fun or what I do in my spare time (not that there's much of it) and my answer will be helping people. It's kind of crazy how rewarding it is. I could not imagine a day without these products in my body. I have a long road ahead but every day my goal is closer. The stress of making ends meet are almost a complete thing of the past. I turned all my reasons for "not now" into my reasons for "right now". It's that simple.
And I can show you how! Thanks for reading.
Health and Happiness,
Ticketchick78 Ticketchick78
31-35, F
Jun 11, 2012