Past Is Only Memory.

Whether we like it or not, in life we travel only to the future. So why waste time thinking about past that has passed. Better to think afresh, and start a new life anytime. The past,  is nothing but knowledge and experience to live the future better way.

Today was once yesterday's future. Rather than realizing yesterday's dream which is outdated, better to poise our today, to dream and realize a better tomorrow.

isn't where we are getting to, more important than where we came from ?
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<p>Could not agree especially if that knowledge and experience from the past is used wisely so it doesn't repeat itself down the road.</p>

did u mean "Could not agree more" .. Knowledge and experience makes us anticipate so we won't make the same mistake again... but many retract or avoid when they get to the situation again... and end up suspecting or doubting a newer situation .. That's when knowledge becomes an impediment.

Its like doubting a New relationship the old way, and not giving it the fullest.

Yes that is exactly what I meant. : )

life is a wonderful story that has many starts and finishes we should all turn the page and move forward to the next chapter.