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I Have The Power

We all have power in everyday decisions, whether we believe it or not. Its whether we let every decision that we make effect our future for better or for worse. I can't change any of the decisions that I made earlier to day or yesterday, all I have is now and the future. Its time to take control of the time that we have for what we want. We should live our lives according to how we see fit. Some rules may be needed, but we shouldn't be forced into any situation that we don't want to be in. I want to have the freedom to live my life to the fullest as I see fit. I don't want to dwell on past mistakes as a basis for my future, because thats how people end up disappointed. Thinking that what happened in the past will somehow change because of a decision you made years ago is uncalled for. Whatever decision you make, good or bad, right or wrong, etc. is your decision. It's too late, learn what you can from that experience and move on with your life. Carpe Diem! You may only have today so don't spend it thinking about yesterday.
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How can. Change into a mermaid

I agree I always wanted to turn into a mermaid


Our power of influence, is in the NOW. The question is, are we allowing ourselves to be chained to our past, or are we releasing attachnment to limitation, and allowing ourselves to more fully live our lives?

What you said is very true, we should only think about and plan for today and future days when making decisions, but also learn from our past. In order to have successful lives and not feel regrets about our choices, we need to recognize our accountability towards our heavenly father who gives and sustains our lives. The scriptures tell us that humans need guidance from God in living, according to Jeremiah chapter 10 verse 23 which states, " I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step." The best advice for good decision making is found in the bible in Proverbs chapter 3 verses 1-6 which says, "My son, my law do not forget, and my commandments may your heart observe, because length of days and years of life and peace will be added to you. May loving kindness and trueness themselves not leave you. Tie them about your throat. Write them upon the tablet of your heart, and so find favor and good insight in the eyes of God and of earthling man. Trust in Jehovah with all your heart and do not lean upon your own understanding. In all your ways take notice of him, and he himself will make your paths straight." If we pray to God to help guide us we will not only have his blessing but we will benefit ourselves as well. This statement can be found in in the bible as well in Isaiah chapter 48 verses 17 and 18 which states, " This is what Jehovah has said, your repurchase, the Holy One of Israel. I, Jehovah, am your God, the one teaching you to benefit yourself, the One causing you to tread in the way in which you should walk. O if only you would actually pay attention to my commandments. Then your peace would be like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea." I hope you will take this scriptural advice into consideration as you make decisions from now on into the future.

Never give up it is always about winning our weakness it is always difficult

Decisions ! Decisions ! Its day to day ! Yes we do have the Power ! Its the power of decisions ! This is life,we make bad and good decisions. Yes,the bad decisions,can really make you"re soul burn and be tormented. Yes,people say the past is the past,can't do nothing about it ! Because of pride,and shame, i live alone in a one bedroom apartment. Yes,i stand my ground,do what i please,i am my own man.But it has its consequences. Every day i cry alone,thinking of my bad decisions. Trying to never give up,but to carry on ! Peace and love to all !

i really do want to live like you said and for most parts i be able to establish this but there is sometimes to many bad desicions that have been mad horrible memories that hunt me in my dreams and sometimes in my daily live...i hate that they control me sometimes i wish someone could just burn them out of my soul and how to you manage not living in the now and tomorrow not let bad past influence you???
I believe in past was called because it past us...but why is it hard and why does someitimes time heal wounds...:-(
Unfortunalty some brain expert found out that our human partly memory brain remembers bad memories longer then good that is do i fight nature??!!

That is how I feel. There are aspects of my like that I don't have much control of but I am going to find something that I can enjoy doing for a living. Every career that I am interested in is a bit intimidating for me to pursue. However, there must be something I can do to increase my chances of being successful. I will fight in order to achieve my goals, l don't want to just go to the work just for the money. I just need time to regain my confidence.

My past is who I am today, open-minded ready for change, learning, living to the fullest, yes making some mistakes alone the way but not giving up. Yes I am human I do get stuck sometimes however not for long. Its not easy! God has me on a Journey right now I have no idea where he is taking me. I was laid off in Nov, since Nov I have lost my place and now homeless living out of my car and friends once in awhile. Honestly I am scared, I am networking with friends doing anything I can to get myself out of this hell. I never ever thought I would be homeless, hungry, cold, lonely and afraid all at once. I was married over 20 yrs own my own business, had toy haulers, nice trucks, couple Harleys, toys living the American dream. Money, had plenty of it. What happened?

I wish for you a safe house and food and people surrounding you who care...

i know we have the power. i have felt it many times in my life .... but the problem is that my power is wasted in wrong choices ... i think so. so i dont know when to use my powe and when not.. more important is that i want it to be used ... so that i can feel that i am alive...

Once my teacher said.. if you thing good things will happen to you, then good things will happens to you.. If you think you are positive and fun , than you are :) . Power of mind

The best way to change the way we think and feel is to change the way we behave. It's hard to change the way we think directly ... e.g. it's hard to replace negative thoughts with positive ones just by choosing to .... and even harder to directly change the way we feel. But we can always choose our behaviour. So the trick is to accept whatever's going on inside and choose to behave powerfully anyway. "Accept the feeling, choose the action". Behaving powerfully will create a feedback to the mind and we'll soon start to feel more powerful.

i know in my own experience that i feel tense at times and i used to use in order to compensate for my jittery i recognize my behavior and have changed and this alone has led me to take better care of myself and work toward being more comfortable in other ways...also i throw this flaw in my physical make-up and thinking to my faith in helps to know there are greater powers out there that can be tapped in on in order to carry on!

Excellent post. Extentialist


That is so true the decision we make is of about us


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best to live each day to the fullest... and we learn best, when we push ourselves beyond what's just comfortable... for what might have already happened, that one feels they wish they could redo, better, or simply change, in that since then, they've learnt something that makes them uncomfortable with the direction they're going in, better to just admit, that what's done is done and just begin in whatever that new direction might be, even though others might not appreciate... life is just too short to be stuck in a relationship or a life path that just doesn't feel good anymore... for those who either don't appreciate y'all's change, or simply don't understand, if you really are important to 'em, they'll want to discuss it... and if y'all feel that indeed, their respect or their opinion is indeed, important to you, then y'all will approach them, before the change, so that they'll, at least understand the reasoning, even though their feelings might never quite repair...

Today is all we have.

lovely! <3

Lovely! Thank you :)

Thankyou so much..just what i needed right now.

Life is a roller coaster ride......sometimes high ,sometimes low..........problems,troubles ,fear are the most active forces,at times what I feel is that they are just like gravity,an unseen but really an irresistible force...Its more of a troublesome world but i tell you decision just add to the life.You know that past is history ,tomorrow is mystery and today is a wonderful present so just use it...make the best of the choices....take a deep breath ,think in deep....dont be a fool to just dump yourself in trap.......Use your present and choose the best of your choices.....You are you,no one is held responsible for your decision,you are!!!Its we who make life.just dont waste it....if past decision was a mistake,make this new one the best oppurtunity because you know everyday begins with new oppurtunities.......LEARN FROM THE PAST DECIONS AND MAKE THE BEST ONES TODAY......AND NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!!!! JUST ROCK AND ROLL

cheers. id like to share a quote i find really inspiring when my mind will let
it is the mind that maketh wretch or happy, good or ill, rich or poor.

the mind is a place of its own, can make a hell o heaven or a heaven o hell.

i hope somebody may get something positive from this.

i agree as far as I read you story ,i belive you get better

Whoa... totally relevant (down to the minute) and inspiring.. Thankyou and thankyou EP for emailing this one to me. Weird. :)

I feel i have done the right thing by signing up for this site as it will definite help me see life with a right perspective,looking forward to read more inspiring articles. regards vijay

I feel i have done the right thing by signing up for this site as it will definite help me see life with a right perspective,looking forward to read more inspiring articles. regards vijay

That's very true

Right on! Enjoy your take. I am new at this site and do hope that I will on it find the type of communication that I desire. What you write is a truth and it is also a very simple concept. In Time there are three parts the past, the present and the future. As a teacher when a young person would ask me how old I was I would reply I am NOW. .

Thank you for sharing that,as I am recently widowed,it has truelly been challenging moving forward! Lots of regrets.... loss... having to forgive and let go if the past! But God, who had truelky kept me and my mind. So once again...thank you,from the deepest of my heart!

I did not have the guts to forget my past and to think about my future.This makes me do just that.thanks a lot!

Thank you very much. it's so inspiring.