It was late afternoon. I was taking my usual tea at the terrace and watching the birds fly. Suddenly, the phone bell rang and I answered. It was Jane my so called husband's first flame asking about his whereabouts. I informed and settled for another cup of tea. My in-laws never understood how I can be so cool with Richard having an affair with Jane, under my nose. It was pretty simple for me. I am not in love with him but he still loves Jane. it helps them to work better and smile again. I share his bed and raise my sons. I love my 5 they are really cute.
It makes me remember..that night in club. I was sitting on the bar and not really having anything..just brooding. Richard entered the dimly lit club and looked disturbed. His handsome chisilled face made me want to be with him. Picking myself and the purse I went and asked him , may i join? He nodded and as I sat down.
Richard asked me if I can help him. It seemed so strange that although we met for first time..yet we trusted each other instinctly. I was nodding my head, as if an old friend was asking me for a favour. Since then we understood and supported in all aspects.
He told me that night, he had broken up with Jane and in the next few days, he was suppose to meet a potential client who was old fashioned and considered settled couple to be reliable. Breaking up with Jane was the last thing, Richard wanted to confess. He had talked so much about her and suddenly it looked bad. His family, that lived in farmland were also waiting for the couple to join them for Christmas. Now the question was. will I be a proxy and for how long?
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well as long your enjoying alot of it and feel better seeing the kids and happy about it then i guess thats acceptable unless you feel bad and then feel pity of yourself then its the time you need to stop.

kids are gone ..because they were my first husbands' not my biologically

I think it's important to know what type of tea you were drinking - I still haven't found which one works for me. So you have been in this relationship at least 5 years? That's what it sounds like. You know, I just got out of a relationship somewhat like yours. I've 3 daughters caught in the middle... it was the only thing that kept me hanging on. I had to get over it and just start living - in other words I had numbed up pretty good that I wasn't even me anymore. It's not like a new year's party - there's not going to be an obvious sign that you need to move on. You just gotta do it. Good luck anyway.

Thank you :)

the twins are not mine biologically...they were my first husbands' and now their mother got them..hmmm...yes time to move on...