The Summer Of Change ..

Moving forward is all I know to do. To look back is only a reminder of things gone wrong and nothing can come of that.

I long to have had a different life, one where I shared my hopes and dreams and even my failures with out the chance of having them used against at a time of your choosing.

I would have wished for love so deep that we could storm any obstacles rathen then beating each other up when life became to tough.

I would have wished for the love of a husband, the gentle hands holding and caressing me when I had a bad day and for me to know that my touch was welcomed to him as well.

The battle has been fierce with words of hate and utter disgust and the soul wrenching hate that one should never display. I long for the peace and laughter and love.

Not looking back but ahead with confidence of a better tomorrow for me . Moving forward is better then looking back.

gingerpie71 gingerpie71
36-40, F
3 Responses Jul 29, 2012

Enjoy a whole new life to all of you :)<br />

I truly hope you find the peace that you need, I wish the best for you...

You always have the warmest comments..I truly appreciate you always ..

I wish all the best..may you find laughter peace and love ..I am in similar situation and thanks for your story..moving forward is what I chose to do..God bless

You too.. thanks for reading