I Want To Move On, What To Do If You Have To Deal With A Very Weird Situation?

I am so willing to move forward.
For my family and for my own future.

I have a problem.
I think, for what people I've met during the last two years I've been in this city,
(moved after a financial crisis) have made me believe,
They assume I am not over a nasty break up in which I have been betrayed.

I really can't see where are they coming from.
If I am struggling or in pain, ain't because of that.
People do not struggle for things that are worthless.
Do we?
We struggle and are in pain for matters that we value.
And I for sure value, My identity, my reputation, integrity, family and the work experience I've built through out my life.

Just because of one wrong move I've made, with one man,
they can't judge my entire life nor jeopardize my present and future. In such a sick and twisted way.

Would you believe, being monitored, or being played psychological games (not knowing that I'm above their heads) are their plan on keeping me from ...what they think of me not committing a dangerous act? Apparently, the reasons of me trying to leave the relationship, the way I was trying to do it because I knew of the infidelities and lies was my way to stick to the relationship or something. Which woman on this earth would want to stay in such situation? And which woman would after half a year would be willing to go through the trouble of chasing the immorals for what?

Giving no further details of this situation would be hard to understand the whole context of what's going on but....

I think one big very talented manipulator plus followers,
have been able to succesfully make me look emotionally unstable, erratic,
and a potential danger.
When indeed all I need to is to work. So I can maintain my family's well being.
And care for them.
Like what on earth is wrong with these people?

I do not want to even bother to talk about these issues with anybody else anymore because looking like a someone trying to victimizing herself just ain't me either. I'm just waiting for time, to let the truth surface.

And let the real crazy, do his usual thing. And create future chaos and more hurt victims. Coz the pattern will eventually continue. That's how sick people are. They just can't help it and sooner or later.... it'll happen.

And I know, I am supplying the pleasure to continue on and on.
As long as I'm off the radar, I know, it'll stop and the true colors will come out.

what really hurts is that...
that's all what people see in me.

like I have no life on my own?
My current routine is by choice.
I need time to isolate myself to heal from all.
Not because I miss something or because I can't get over something worthless. Maybe I do realized, after all, I do miss the true love I've had before long time, looooong time ago.

repent on old, very old past romantic deeds.
I do not care about the last one.
like keep him take him. so what.

further away, the better.
and good luck.... like... good luck.....
but the obsession to show me something, prove something to me is still there.
coz i hurt the psycho's ego... you know, the passive great sense of grandiosity.... so i need to run and hide...

who's stalking who and who's harassing who.
plus these.... these people....
maybe those that get along well or connect with the sicko
have passive traits of psychopathy too.
this world is crazy

you know fyi
korea does drive you crazy
with so many people.. with unfulfilled dreams at their crappy jobs....
you know.. so many social standards they have to meet and playing roles they hate to play because of.... those same society rules..

they are so angry... angry at others and can't show...
most people are passive aggressive and it's scary

that's why... i want to leave this country. asap
really scary

but we all know...
we all get what we deserve don't we.

after i leave...
and few years later.. i wanna check back on them....
and im sure of two things...
one.... is either they will be still doing the exact same thing....
two.... they must have gotten what they deserve...

I really need to leave
kittykat2012 kittykat2012
31-35, F
Aug 5, 2012