I will pursue this dream, cause I know it's expected
that I be serene
Upon this winding road, in the face of the crowds that bustle all around
Although it seems like I am chasing after the past,
What I want is place where the sky is alive and like home to me
try to understand the truth
That this is no choice
And I wish you'd stop with that look...
Of despair
You're giving me

Tears are nothing but the shape of our weakness
And they won't bring any absolution
I do not see an end to this labyrinth
Who am I waiting for
I write it down in the pages of my notebook
Cause I'm looking for the me that is still honest
I am running but I don't even know why
From this reality

To chase my wishes I'll carry on living
And I will always remember the depths of the darkness
I'll face my demons and I'll no longer run away
There isn't a place to go
I'll lose this feeling of being so helpless
Cause my whole life is ahead of me
I'll quash the numbness
Cause pain's better than the emptiness

I must apologize, I've really messed up and
I am so ashamed
I may not say it much,
But I know that I make you worry all the time

Back then you always could accept the things I'd done
And you're still the same today so I'll try not to burden you
But try to realize that I have closed my eyes
Just because the world is too harsh
And I'm willing to blind myself

I'll lose this feeling of being so helpless
'Cause my whole life is ahead of me
And the things I once abandoned
I want to try and find again!

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2 Responses Aug 22, 2012

Finally someone who knows the lyrics to Again!

When I listen to it my arm and leg gets tingly.

Next thing you know your face to face with the truth.

Or with any piece of your body missing

This is some amazing lyrics!!!!