Lifes Path

Lifes path was it written in stone? I wish I could close my eyes and never look back. I've done so much in such little time. Where do I start ? Being born it started there my mother was white and my father black. My mothers side is all racist against everybody. My fathers side hates all white people. First bioracial person in my family so that's why I don't feel connected to no one really cares. Then single mom my mother was. She my mom but I only have known her for 7 years between boyfriends girlfriends drugs and growing up in a drug house my life was never easy. Always had to grow up by myself. Never enough food in the house but if moms boytoy needed something he got it while I would wear the same shoes for a three years. Then I find my father he decides to touch me as a little girl. I think to myself why is life so ****** up at 12 years old what did I do to deserve such a hard life? Then I got real wild and just slept around looking for love and did gang bangs drugs stole lied did everything to kill myself. Its like I don't feel pain anymore. I'm numb
ponduck ponduck
26-30, F
Sep 15, 2012