Looking Forward

Very shortly my 20's will pass and my 30's will begin. Many things have happened during these last 10 years for better or worse but in the end I know I wouldn't change anything. All in all it will be a bittersweet transition.

I was married at 19 so that doesn't count (for my 20's anyways), but my son was born shortly before turning 21 and my daughter was born a couple of years later. I got to go to Japan and I served in the US Air Force. While in the USAF I got to travel and see some really cool things. One of my most memorable moments was when I got to go to Tokyo for a week. I also took control and started taking classes and now I'm in my second semester. There were other memorable moments but those are the ones that stand out.

As for the negative, my marriage to my ex was always in conflict except for brief periods that usually didn't last for more than a few days. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did when my ex was only staying in the marriage because we had kids together. Nothing I did was ever good enough. She actually did me a favor by leaving as I'm much happier now (although the divorce itself was traumatic). Not only that, debt built up quickly after my ex left and she took custody of our children. I also went through several jobs and lost my last one after I started going to school full time.

While there were many good things, they were usually short lived (except for my children, college and the Air Force) while the negative has been lingering on for a long time. I know that some of that will drag out into my 30's, but I'm not going to let that slow me down. God has given me a purpose and I gladly accept it. The last 10 years have been rough to say the least, and I know the next 10 won't be easy, but I'm not giving up and I know that I have things God wants me to do.

That being said, bring it on! I'm looking forward to seeing what my 30's will bring :)
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Good outlook on life. Keep being strong.

Thank you! :)