Thinking back over my life, I must say it has been a insightful journey. Filled with pain, lost of direction and at times a sense helplessness. But as time has past insight has given place to lost of direction. A purpose in place of helplessness. A desire to reach forward and obtain What Ever I dare to dream of. Change is good, even if it hurts.....
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There is a saying among the Shaolin monks: Change is threatening to the caterpiller but essential to the butterfly.
You have found the right path and lead others down it.

Tks for your kind words....

it's nice you believe in the future. unlike myself.

There is always a tomorrow. ... may many rainbows and bright sunshine light your path as you walk through your journey......

In life everything is changing and if one does not change one becomes a stagnant pool,not flowing,The river of life is flowing towards the ocean and until one reaches the ocean,change is unavoidable.Thanks for the post.


change is life, and how i have resisted it at times! well written piece

Tks. Best wishes.

I really relate to this, I remember reading once that in order for iron to become steel it needs to be tempered in fire. It was in reference to our spirits, we can become stronger with every sorrow and troubled time we go through in life.

Sooooooo true. For every Storm that will come in life, the promise of sunshine and rainbows yet gives us HOPE......

That's something so similar that I say to myself when I'm really down, it's storming and the skies are dark now, but it can't last forever, the sun will shine again. It does give you hope of a better future.

You best believe it. We are so much stronger than what we think. It the inter strength that drives us forward. It's the peace that dwells with us as we walk through the valleys. Be encourage my friend, be encourage.....

Sing it young lady, sing the song. U made my day!!

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Very deep and beautiful .... and I can definitely relate .... I, too have been through a lot, having walked the "road less traveled," but it has made all the difference and I can't wait to see what happens .... I hope wonders are in store for you = )

I wish you all the happiness you deserve......

Sometimes things happen we really wonder why
it leaves us heartbroken, we just breakdown and cry.
Perhaps it makes us stronger, a lesson we must learn
a cross road or a hudle that will make us turn
What ever your religion or what ever you believe
life is just for learning we all strive to achieve
i wish you love i wish you faith and most of all a perfect grace
to battle and to overcome and look your troubles in the face
you are so strong in many ways
may this strength support you through your days
bless you

Thank you......

Sounds like you are in a good place. At this time in my life, its pretty much doing what I think is worth doing, or what I enjoy. Don't have time for the rest.

I'm in a really good place. My new saying is "Enjoy The Journey." Tks for responding...