Strange But True!

The past is all the water that's floated under the bridge. The bridge is the here and now present. As you stand upon, and, gaze from the bridge you look into your future. The only way to change your future for the best is to begin creating a brighter much better one. Learn from all the mistakes you have ever made in your past life, group them together, and, squeeze every ounce of goodness, and, useful knowledge out of them. Then as you stand alone upon the bridge of life think pensively, and, put all the positives, and, good things you have learnt, and, gained throughout your life together, and, begin building a much more prosperous-brighter-happier future. The key is to break out of the circle of endless mistakes, and, move forward into a new dawn, and, wonderful future.

Bon voyage and good luck my "EP" Friends!
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Wise post.

This is great, some good advice. On the realisation of a mistake, it seems so hard to shift, but shift we must to avoid a repeat performance.

I like this very much :)

Very creative use of commas in all three of your stories. Did they teach you that at "Famous" writer's school?

At this moment i am on the bridge , looking both ways .

A nice peice of writing

Thank you tigermoth1234 I really appreciate you saying that. It's cool sometimes to stand upon the bridge and look both ways ~ good luck!

Thanks maybe sit on the bridge and say goodbye to the past ,
and look ahead into the unknown with open arms.

Have a nice journey my friend!

To look upon the past with intent of avoiding the pitfalls and growing toward a brighter future is noble I agree.
Funny how things we once thought were catastrophes at the time, set in motion events that despite our misgivings turned out better that we dared hope at the time.
Conversely some of my best intended acts were disasters that defied my intent. Funny how that works sometimes. I agree entirely that learning from our past mistakes and adventurously going forth making new ones and savoring the victories all the the joy of life. Introspection is the touchstone by which man measures his travels and travails...
Thought provoking analogy. Constructive and encouraging, great piece...

I really like your analogy and thoughts upon going towards the future. I am constantly working to do this. Organizing your thoughts and figuring out my own system to do this is pretty important when you want to reach some kind of sucess in your life. Every person has to figure this out on their own I feel. Thanks

I'm very pleased that it has helped you in your journey.