Future, Here I Come

Time.. There are many theories about it. One thing is sure - it's vital for us. Things that happened are in the past, it's all history, we cannot change it. However, all of us live with dreams for the future.. which is a subject of our current ambitious, action, and dreams. Don't make me tell you stories about people born with nothing and eventually succeeded in life. Past doesn't matter when you got ambitious for the future. Past is irrelevant when you are driven by passion. All that matters is the future, and you surely can change it for good. You can model your future the way you like it.. Even if you are ex convict, a divorce middle age man, a person without a penny in your pocket.. All you need to do is to believe and make it.. Set goals, be passionate, make it happen. Imagine yourself achieving your goals, close eyes and picture your future you being with the person you love, with a career you want, anything you fancy. Then, think about the idea and make changes to make your dream closer to you. When you are passionate, things just happen. Work for your dreams, be driven. This is how people succeed.. Set goals, dream, work for it, succeed.. Simple as that. Nobody cares if you cleaned toilets in your past (except haters but they are just lame jealous people) ; if you have the qualities you can be the man you want.. If you really want bright future nobody can stop you to have it. You are the man you want it be, make it happen, stay driven, DREAM !
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2 Responses Nov 9, 2012

I agree. Dream big! :)

Wow my man you said it all.