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How To Forget Your True Love When It Has Gone Away From You?

I was in love with him...and I still am!!
but he married someone else last year...
I am 100% sure he married her just for her finantial situation...
he was my true love and I was to proud to stop him....
never told him how much I love him....
it is too late now, but it's impossible to forget him....
I feel like my heart is exploding....I am exploding...and I cant get rid of this feeling.....
I meet him 2 days ago and
he said to me ``we had to get married together...but we didnt``....
I told him: ``you didnt like me that much``
He said nothing and then ``it will always be respect beetwen me and you, you really are a great woman``...
And when I was about to leave he gave me this big hug....
I felt like dying surrounded by his arms....
Then I said to him: ``dont forget about me``
He gave me a big kiss on my cheek...aAnd he touched the corner of my lips and he said ``I cant forget about you``.
I can tell he still likes me because he felt nervous..
What to to forget your true love when it has gone away from you?
SarahIsNotMyName SarahIsNotMyName 31-35, F 5 Responses Nov 10, 2012

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OKAY....very important point here..... A relationship takes two people. He gave up and married someone else. He can't have it both ways. He made a choice. It is now outside of your control, it is done. You move on. He was weak in terms of you two.

What I am getting at is that often you hear...."I did this...then he/she did that....I messed up...and he/she stopped loving me...." BUT that is is not over until someone gives up. Never worry about what you did or not do...he gave up. You did not. We all learn in relationships..those who truly love us, work with us to find that necessary change.

Just because it MEANT it had to end. Get someone else who will not give up. Get the better man than him for you. :)

honestly I am in tears right now...u r so right...who r u lol maybe you can go out tonight or soon.....find someone else to talk to, flirt with, have fun, a new discovery with someone new who will replace him in no time... Start thinking of the next man who will be so lucky to get you. Start having the fun you deserve. He is a dumbass and not 1/4 as strong as you. :)

Never.....ever regret emotional vulnerability or weakness.... eventually you find the man strong enough to take it in from you. :)

who are you?

Such a great comment. I really liked 'those who love us don't give up on us'

thanks :)

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Well when you love someone that deeply it may never leave you but it can become manageable in time.Time may help lessen your heart break.I hope it does.Once you meet someone new and start to fall for that new person that will also help.I wish you much success.

thank you

You may never forget but you will move on. Good luck as that special person may be just around the corner

i hope you forget him quick,sorry, but this guy seems to be keeping his options open,he went for the money,forget him a.s.a.p.

not the easiest thing to do...but you will...

thns ... i hope so////