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I am glad I am changing my future, as I am packing up my stuff moving out of town to start a new adventure...this is so exciting...the new place I got, I will have no friends yet, no family there, so I can meet new people, and see the is going to be amazing. Would you like to join me?
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Yes, I would love to join you for an adventure.

where are you? im looking for an adventure to escape from routines too..have you gone? i would follow you anywhere dear

I am here, become my friend and we will talk about this.

The move went smoothly, now to find a place for everything so I can start my new norm.

Sounds like you have an adventurous spirit....CARPE DIEM!

I am NOT adventure here I come.

Everyone loves the new adventure that routine life terrible boredom ... ...I persons who will join you while this was ages ago

that is so true, routine get old quick.

Hi I'm alone also. Married but alone. Want to talk more?

Id rather talk to single men, not the married ones.

Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Latitudes. ;-)

That is so true, but I will never change, just learn more about me.

I would love to join you but I am in a new adventure I started 3 yrs ago. Find nwe friends in different places than you are used to and make a clean break.

it truly is wonderful to make a clean break and to start fresh in a new location.

I wish you well and I do hope that you find what turns out to be a turning piont in your life. Should you find yourself near Anna Maria Island we just might be the people who say hello :)

:-) thank you, but I have no idea where Anna Maria Island is?

About 50 mi S. of Tampa. :)

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I'll follow you anywhere...

awe you are sweet, so start packing, and get ready to move, and I will pick you up.

Interesting, we have a few things in common, our user id's have a common point. we are close in age. And I am trying to wrap up a contract that will allow me to do much the same thing, leave the state where I grew up and start over, I am hoping in the next few months.
Would you consider adding me as a friend and perhaps chat at bit?

I am a collector of dragons, and I used to play a game that had the word dragons in it. Age is just a number. How far away are you planning on making this move? would it be hundreds of miles away or more? I would add you as a friend.

Sounds like a wonderful adventure. My wife and I have often talked of that possibility.

maybe we can walk on the beach together and talk about the dolphins...just the three of us.

That would be a lot of fun. : )


It looks like you're meeting lots of people on EP. And the new chapter starts off exciting!...

Yes, it sure looks that way, speakigmusic. scary exciting...giggles.

good luck!!

Thank you BigAsset

For sure it's exciting! I'm already travelling so I can't join you. Good luck :)

OH darn it...oh well, maybe you can stop by some time...and we can sit by the beach.

Sure I'd love that :)

Good luck on your move. You are a brave one!

Thank you hereinportland6, it is going to be simply smashing.

Note - while we may not like all the things in our past, it is those things that made us who we are. As you look to the future, be thrilled at the person you are and look forward to the person you will become. You can not change the past, but by looking forward the past can be less daunting.

AMEN...very well said. Than you for that added note.

Hello... I love moving to new places and meeting new people. It's sounds as if you'd had a rough road so far. Here's hoping your new destination provides more joy and harmony in your life!

Thank you speakingmusic, you are so right...I have had a rough road, and I can't wait for a new adventure, and meeting new exciting people.


Thank you, you are sweet deecubed.