I Know Success Now. These Are My 5 Tips For You. :)

Lotfaï. 1998. 19 years old. Coachbuilder. Unfortunatly...
Mayans were wrong. The end of the world was in 1998.

3 years before.
My 9th grade over, I wanted to do something artistic with my life. But they told me at school that it was not going to happen. 0.5/20 in maths was not acceptable. I won’t talk about History, Geography or Biology. Too ashamed.

Assistant Principal : What do you like ?
Me : ...cars ?

That’s how I spent three years as a coachbuilder. I have much respect for coachbuilders, but I was far enough from my artistic dream to see it as a small shore : I felt like I was a piece of sh*t drifting with the flow.

Lotfaï. 2012. 33 years old.
Producer / Director / Graphic Designer
Owner of CHEZ LOTFAÏ company in Paris
and HAPPY.

What happened ? It’s a long story, but here are 5 tips for you for success in your life.

1. I never let people tell me I can’t !
I come from the hood, south side suburbs of Paris. Believe me or not, but when I told my friends and parents that I wanted to work for Michael Jackson, everyone was making fun of me. Recalling this day, as I was listening to MJ’s tracks for the millionth time. My mom came in my bedroom and yelled at me : «Turn this off !! It is not Michael that will bring you money later !». I used it. I used the energy she gave me by yelling to build my dream. Bad or Good, energy still is energy ! I transformed it and this sentence never left my mind until I really got the opportunity to work for the King of Pop. 2005-2009 : 5 years of total recognition by producing many Tv commercials, editing MJ’s «Natural Born King» 2 minutes short film and finally having its recognition by air mail : the «Thriller 25 Book» I made the commercial for with a golden note in it :

«To Lotfaï, thanks for sharing your talent to make this project a success.
You’re the Best. Love. 
Michael Jackson

2. Find your values and stick to them !
During years, I’ve lived without knowing what were my values. So I never had something constructive to hold onto each time I had to make a choice and I was looking for answers from my (helpless) friends. I was not really aware of the power of our values since a friend of mine told me to find them.

Take a minute, a pen and a paper and list all of your values. Then choose 5 of the most important ones and stick to them in every choice you have to make in your life. You are your values ! You are your best friend.

3. Wish the right way : Be Positive !
Did you know that the brain doesn’t understand negative sentences ? Ok, suppose that you’re not happy with your job. Your place is not there, right here, right now, you feel it. You just want to leave and raise dogs. If you always say to your friends and family «I don’t want to work in this company anymore !», your brain understands «Work in this company».

Is that kind of sentence below sounds familiar to you ? So fill the blank. I’m sure most of you will be surprised of the amount of negative wishes they make without knowing it :

I DON’T WANT TO (BE) _____________________ ANYMORE !

Change the way you wish !

"...ask for what you want, not what you don’t want !"

Since I’ve started having only Positive wishes, what I desire is coming to my life faster and faster.

 Trust me on this : Your words are powerful, do not fight against something, fight for something. In other words, ask for what you want, not what you don’t want !

4. Choose your entourage
If you are surrounded by negative people, always criticizing other people, always saying this life sucks, always talking about its underpaid job : run away from them. 

It takes time, but be sure that you become your environment so choose it carefully and your Values are there to help you on this.

...and if you are this negative person...

5. Change your attitude. Now.
You have to know that you live what you feel. You create your own reality with your beliefs. It has been scientifically proven that our feelings are building our world, our reality and it is just a matter of perception. What you perceive of your world is ba
sed on what you feel. If you decide right here, right now that this world is full of potentials and this life is the best challenge to get to know yourself, you’ll be surprised of how your world will change : meeting new positive people (Birds of a feather flock together), having unexpected offers, etc...

Physicist John Wheeler’s experiences has proved we are not observers of our Universe. We are Participators.

«Be the change you want to see in the world.»

Mahatman Gandhi

«If you wanna make the world, a better place, take a look at yourself, and make that change.»

Michael Jackson

You have a tool that is very powerful to warn you if you’re being positive or negative : your feelings. Use them as a compass to keep in the positive path and feel how powerful and how beautiful you are, out from the negative cave.

Bonus Tip for free : Ask with your heart, not your mouth.
Ancient civilizations and religions always talked about it in their different writings. Your prayers, your wishes can only be fulfilled if it has been asked with the heart. Don’t expect your God to fulfill your wishes if you just ask it verbally. You have to feel what you wish at the same moment you ask for it. In other terms : God, You, the Universe, the Architect, Hallah, (or call It the way you like) is using the language of love so talk to Him with your heart.

"...I first start to feel the feeling that I would have if it was already done."

That’s what I do now, when I wish something, I first start to feel the feeling that I would have if it was already done. For example, if you want this dream job, feel it, right here, right now as if your wish has already been fulfilled. Feel the happy and energetic wake up you’d have knowing you did it : you had this job ! Feel it, stick to this feeling until you have what you want.

I used to think that what happens just happens and we have to deal with it. It was like running after something already gone and for me the best way to feel injustice «Why me ?! What did I do to deserve that !?» and so on, putting the blame on everyone, on this society, on my family but me. I understand one thing that is very clear in my mind today : What happens in my present is the sum of my choices of the past.

It has been the best lesson of humility in my entire life and I am grateful to my good and my difficult experiences for teaching me that we succeed when we write our own story, with our heart.

Don't give up, Stand Straight, Have Faith ans Ask, because everything is possible.

Lotfai Lotfai
31-35, M
Nov 27, 2012