Very True

I come from a very hard past thou I can't change what I have done and has been done to me. I can change what I do in the future as we all make mistakes its learning from them and moving on and not make them mistakes again. We all are going to fall but to keep from falling more grab that rope wipe yourself off and keep climbing as nothing should hold you back from climbing to the top and knowing whatever came your way you kept going.
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My friend, you sound like a very wise guy, yes we all make mistakes growing up and maturing, and as we get older we still continue to make mistakes, that is just life, but realizing our mistakes as you said is the secret, and it sounds like you have your head on straight and are a very sensible person!!!!! :)

I try to be and do the best I can

I personally am quite impressed with you, wish we could know each other in person!!!!!! :)

Same here as I love to talk to you