Seeing Old Friends Walk By.

I don't think much can beat the pain of watching old friends pass by and not even acknowledging your there,it's like all them memories you had dont mean anything to them anymore. It makes you feel worthless and like your not worth there time anymore. But I guess that's life, eventually all the good memories are made into bad because you want to believe they were never your best days, just forced hours together. And eventually any attributes of a person that are unique and beautiful to you will change as a person cannot stay as they once were forever. People can change for the good, but there's also the bad.
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3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

It is hard. I have a friend like that. It turned out he had quit drinking and since we would drink together in the past, he totally avoided me after, but I loved him still, even when I didn't understand why he would pass me by. Over the fifteen years we have known each other our friendship has ebbed and flowed which was painful because of how close we were. I continued to stay in contact with him over FB, and eventually he began chatting with me. He still cared. I sent him a message of encouragement when he was going through a hard time and his wife thanked me. His family is becoming more and more a part of my life the older we get. Even though we were distracted for a time, our friendship is once again growing forward. I wish you the best. Remeber the good times and believe in them :]

Can totally relate! Its hard. New friends can be better though :)

Thank you for sharing,there is an awful lot of truth in this post.