Life has been good to me, but good does not always mean happiness, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and change how i was feeling.
I sat down one night with a large pot of tea and a pen and note book( i know, bit old fashioned) but i get great comfort from writing with a pen on paper, it helps me think more efficiently.
That note book was penned with every episode of my life, from childhood to that present moment and when i read it back a few days later, lt made perfect sense as to what i needed to do.......
From that day i treated my written memories as sort of a maths problem,(if you know what i mean) i disected, reread and eventually figure out how to change my life for good. 
So if this is any help to anyone or maybe you see it as a mad moment in my life then so be it... 
I did change my life and i must say for the better, not always easy, made loads of sacrifices, change of lifestyle, but i am so much happier than i was and you know what ! it was really worth it..... 
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Good for you, it's nice to read a story that ends happily. I also changed my lifestyle a few years back and I am happier for it. As you said it is not easy and there are always sacrifices to be made. Happiness is priceless, good for you.:-)

Thank you!! so glad it worked out for you too, but more changes on the way for me too, next week is a decider on where i will end up for the rest of my life.. good luck my friend

i just do my best each day but my life is complicated and change is not some thing i think i can do

OMG, blonde, beautiful and intelligent. talk about a triple threat :))) Yes, we all must realize that we cant change anyone or anything in this world except ourselves and if we want to be happy we must take steps to change our attitude and way of thinking. You have done the work, my friend, Now you just have to let go of the results into god's hands, where they always are....the point is that we are willing to grow along spiritual lines, abnd spiritual growth brings happiness. I try to look upon each day as an opportunity to grow and be happy :))))))))))) Hugs :))))))))))))

i sincerely love how you think!! really do! x

Thanks, it took me years of suffering to get to where I am today. You're too kind xo

Read some of my stories when you get the time. The earlier ones will tell you all about me....

yep i intend to , meaning i would love too

Great! I have to go out for a bit, but I'm going to read more of yours....and take a better look at your pictures later . what can I say...I'm a guy:))))))))

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Taking a personal inventory is a good way to see one's assets and liabilities

lol lol yes that too

go on............... sharing is caring lol

even have the helmet to prove it! come with horns too lol

I would never do that!! i am a stubborn irish woman........... with a lot of viking blood throwen in lol