Man Up

Today I'm stepping forward and leaving the past behind me. I'm starting to eat right, exercise, and just focus on myself. I think its whats best for me right now. screw relationships, I don't need em right now. So yesterday I started my healthy lifestyle choice of food and worked out hard in the gym today and I feel pretty damn good. no more dwelling in the past; instead I"ll look ahead and keep moving forward, and if the past shows up in the future I'll make it think twice and prove I can do it. Prove to myself I"m not just a no body that I"m not a failure or a lazy person. I'll show em, I'll show em all! :)
Ambiguous6 Ambiguous6
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

f+_@ the reasons why sounds like you just getting on with it,youve inspired me thanks buddy