Self Love

i have been hated on, bullied, abused, and hurt forever, and ive always blamed myself since i was 7years old and ive always hated myself.
I WILL NOT hate myself forever. im going to learn to love myself. and itll be the most wonderful experience of my life. and feeling.
does anyone got advice on how to self love? i seriously dont know how to start loving myself...
kaitlyn0108 kaitlyn0108
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

I love your post. I want this for myself also.
Simplest tip? Smile often.
And keep track of it everyday
(smiled every hr/30 min/min/30 sec .)
it works ! :)
The most important thing is to smile & be happy with your self, for yourself, not for others.

I suggest keeping a diary.
This diary can only contain complements to yourself.
So in a way, you are creating your own fan.

This helps you gain confidence. & love yourself.
Just be careful to not belittle others!
I'm here for you <3 :)

Thank you! That sounds like great idea keeping a diary like that. I nvr thought or heard of that before. So thank you

You can ask this in the question section and feature it if u want and get quick answers. I do that a lot