No Chances

Before I believe in the essence of true love, love doesn't mind anything, that love is real and it doesn't matter, it forgive and forgets. I made a huge mistake in my life I let go of the one man that cares and love me most. I make a wrong decision that until now I am regretful with. Pride overcomes into me, hatred and lots of pain was over me and made me left him. The moment I realize I was wrong I couldn't do anything because he made his choice then and it was too late for me to change it, so I realize life is a one way road no u turn and no backing out. You have to face each obstacle you pass throughout the race alone or with somebody else, and moving forward is the only choice you have. Why? because in reality there is no second chances.
shuneden shuneden
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012