Got Kicked Out

I had some experience with depression and its emotional effects so in recent months I came up with a goal to contribute to any peers support efforts possible.

I searched around and found what is called a Certified Peers Specialist (CPS) program. After a rather strenuous app process they finally said yes to me. I attended weeks worth of training.

Then the last session came with planned review, potluck lunch, two modules, and graduation. God forbid, I missed that day. And they let me go. Done. Deleted.

I got kicked out of a peers specialist program due to a day of absence. not fair. I feel like confronting them. but I learned one thing: that is "when you get rejected from something, other even bigger opportunities come along."

So, that's alright. I'm sure there are bigger better things awaiting me.

Someday I may even thank them for letting me go.

After feeling stressed out for couple days, I went back to work on my blog.

This is how it looks so far, check it out.
Also, I would appreciate it if you give a comment and share it.

Thanks for your peers support here, greatly appreciated.
If anyone would like to be video interviewed for this blog on topics relate to emotional health and healthy living please contact me here.
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Read your blog, and liked your heart to heart broadcast, you are doing really good work, my wishes are always with you. i also wrote on depression but its not upto that what you are doing, you can read it here

Best Wishes

yes, true, i also believe "Everything happens for a good reason" read a story posted by me.

Best Wishes