Money ≠ Happiness = Greed ≠ Free World = Evolution ≠ Progress

Money has become the yardstick by which everything is measured: values, morals and people as well. A society driven by the need to have more and more money is a society driven by the subtle need to servitude. Money is after all a store of ones efforts and by extension, ones energy. If you subscribe to the notion that you are better off storing off your energies or efforts somewhere safe in someone else's custody, I believe that that you are subjecting yourself to slavery on a bizarre mental level. Sure we need to eat, sure we need the basics and luxuries that make life liveable in the passage of time but we should make life liveable to human proportions. We seek to connect with others on the other part of the world but we do not take the time to walk over to the person living next to us for a five minute conversation. We drive cars that we fuel for an arm and a leg yet we each know someone who's sleeping hungry, sometimes by no design of their own.

If we promote a culture that sees existence from a non-$ point of view, perhaps we can begin to roll back the timeline of free-fall we are in, in as far as the abyss of loneliness by greed we are fast falling into. Nobody says anything has to be free, but does destroying our environment, our way of life, our humanity, trust, morality, family values and all the universal ideals that have since time in memorial defined our cohesion as a global society for subtle servitude amount to a trade-off waking up in your grave 200 years from now will seem worth subscribing to?
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I'll agree with You for 50.00 hard cash!
All kidding aside,I wish more folks would read this.

Make it 60 and we have a deal (sic). share it with your friends and flash it at your foes..

lol! will do!