My Life

that's i cant change my past but i can change my future i been true a lot i been molested raped rejected and i have not been nice to my self i was a cuter i have very very bad depression i have anger problems when i get upset of who i am and y i keep getting my heart broke time after time my life wasn't all that great yea it true i hate myself i have very low self-esteem bout me i negative my family wasn't that great ether my mom was bad on drugs my real father left me when i was 5 months old because i was a girl my step dad died when i was young all i remember is us having a augment n me saying i wish you would die i didn't mean it at all i was only 7 or 8 n then a few days later he died i blame my self for his death i was a real big church go er after his death i shut down i didn't want to b around anybody i didn't want friends i stayed in my room lights off windows covered up with beds just so it would be dark
bbygirl55 bbygirl55
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013