Everytime I Move

Ever since i was a little girl, i moved alot. No really im in my 16th school but everytime i finally get down have friends and meet someone special i move and i hate it! i can never really love someone and when i fell in love for real i moved every time and i always ask my self why me why? i could never find the answer which saddends me alot. most people think im use to it yet it just hurts me leaveing people and many times i dont every get the chance to say goodbye to many of my dear friends, yet this year is the first school i lasted the longest in. yes im happy but knowing i just started a dateing this wonderful girl named kassadra. and only a few days ago my parents told me again that we are moving again and i dont know what to tell her i dont want to hurt her and this what i hate the most being in a relcionship and having to move and long distance neverworks for mel.it's just a love between four and no two. is there any advice for what i should tell my girlfriend?(and yes im a girl for those of you how get confused)
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Sometimes we wonder why things happen but honey let me give you some grade "A" advice that someone once told me. Things happen for a reason. Everyday you wake up there will be a life lesson for you. When you move that means that it was time for you to move on for the better, just because you move does not mean that your spirit does not exist there. Your memories are your best friends when you are moving in such a manner.Remember this though,no matter where you go in life, always live your light and you will be an inspiriation towards other even when you move again. Your love will be touched by all and you will never be forgotten. Have a blessed day