Full Circle

Creator designs circles. Some are tight, and others are so vast we can not even fathom them.

The past is not to be disgarded as waste, but as stepping stones made of the weight of golden lessons. The pain and anguish of tears, of loss, of having loved well and deeply, turn into jewels of hope.

It is with Divine Loves embrace, to see the beauty in nature, to look into the eyes of true friends, that takes me into the day, knowing Christ is Divine Presence, alive in despair, or celebration, all that has taken place, or ever will be.

Beyond the gloom of Winter, past its dark dread, is a Spring that will revive the soul. As things begin to sprout up, little magical sprigs, that have long been thought dead, appear through thawing rich soil having come around. Nourished by the unspeakable , protected by angels. Born Again, transformed.
vibrante vibrante
41-45, F
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