I’m The Owner Of My Own Future

I’m the owner of my own future

I make the change and I make the decision

Nobody out there can make me fell worthless

I have confidence because I’ve been through so much

I learned from the past and I’m not regretful of it

I learned because of my scares and I’ll probably get some more

But it’s all for a better future, for the life that I’m going to work hard for

I’ll fight for it and I won’t let my past or anything put me down

Because it’s my life and it’s under my control

Don’t close your eyes to the past, learn from it

Don’t let the people who hurt you out of your life

Let them be there to watch you succeed and hate themselves because they were part of it

The past might hurt, but the future is going to be better
pxloww pxloww
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

You're so right.....you make the changes and the decisions....and you are lucky in that you have so much more 'future' than you have 'past'....best wishes for your future, Miss!!! Enjoy it, all of it.....even the bad parts....they help to form you... :)