With A Chapter Ending, Another Begins.

Today I was reading my favorite author, Ellen Hopkins, and at one point of the the book, Tilt, a single mom calls a man she is interested in and it is answered by another female..
Her friend tells her it could have been his sister.
I went through something exactly like this and I realized at that moment how foolish it was of me to think it was his sister..
And my heart dropped, we have broken up since the "sister" incident and I have tried desperately to get over him.
Alas, I always found myself missing him.
But now I realize, I was never a priority for him and I simply wanted something I couldn't have.
It was stupid, he has forgotten me so I shall forget him.
Like the chiodos song, "like it never even happened at all."
Like so many of my past relationships.
But I have now moved from that town where I "fell in love"(whatever it's worth), found methamphetamine, and pretty much just wallowed in self destruction.
Now, I have filled my days with skate parks, church, family, and sobriety.
Annnd along with skate parks, came those skater boys.
And I met one sweet, nice, caring kid.
And we seem to be getting along great.
He asked me to his formal, 'cuz we go to different schools, but I'm going back to my hell hole of a hometown to visit family.
So instead, he invited me to the movies.
I have seriously upgraded; he works, takes care of his family, and is my age.
Came a long way from meth addicts and 24 year old creeps.
he8myheart he8myheart
18-21, F
Jan 15, 2013