Shift From Dreadful Past To Dreamy Future

I was very slim,tenderfooted,girly boy even at my final
class[XII] in School.My voice was not masculine,my
face did not have any facial hair.I had been getting
feminine curves on my butt,and when I walked ,it was
appeared as feminine walk.So,I was teased by my
classmates as JEEJI or DEEDI.They always took me
as a girl rather than a boy. I was growing my hair long
and wearing tight jeans and top.

Once we got to a picnic,we went to a swimming pool.
I also went into swimming pool in my undergarment,such
as sandow baniyan and brief.we were enjoying the swimming
,but,suddenly,elastic of my brief was loosened,I got neud.
Everybody watched and amazed to see my sex,they saw
my micropenis with a negligible size as toffee,and testes like
sizes to pea.All they laughed at me.Moreover,my chest was
not flat it was seen just swollen like girl's boobs in developing

Girls caught me,they took me with them in dressing
/changing room.They forced me to wear bra,blouse,lehenga
and saree outfit. They forcibly pierced my ears and fixed long
earrings,they made me worn bangles,lady watch,and high
heels.They took so many snaps of myself in feminine pose.
They gave me nickname VINNI DI or VINEETA RANI,while
my real name used to be VINEET RAJ.

After return back I was ashamed to feel that I was not
a fully grown guy.So,I began to live like girls.Aesthetic
womanhood will be my future.
Vineetarani Vineetarani
31-35, T
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Hi friend, i obey your story. how can u fill now? pls add me