You Can't Change The Past

Would I want to change my past? No... Why? Becuse past made me a better person. Past made real me. This, who I am today, is because of what I was in the past. Some people say you have to forget past and move on to the bright future. But why would I want to forget past? Were there only bad memories and moments in past? Of course not. If you forget past, you will forget bad memories but good ones too... If you forget past, what will you learn from your own mistakes? Don't regret anything, don't be sad or thinking: "I wasted my time in the past". No, you didn't waste your time. Life is big school. There are no wrong moments or wrong memories or wrong answers... Those are all little mistakes (after all, we are all human and we all make mistakes, right?) from which we learn something.

"Learn from your past, work hard in the present and you will taste success in the future."

thepianogirl thepianogirl
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Your past will ALWAYS stick with you. Your past behavior is the BEST and most accurate predictor of your future. So be careful about what and who you choose to be.

Don't forget the past, just don't claim those moments as they are your present.

I like that thought process. ::Raises Beer glass:: To Freedom!