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The Temple Builders

Wandering low until my toes break against the Rocky plateau. Wading through the flood, casting out all madness and blood. I've seen the battle. I am not undone. I've kicked the serpent against its rattle. Falling up into the fire. Grasping lamps from the liar. Don't waste away into the breeze. Nor lay suspended as your senses freeze. Deliver your gerth to the bottom of the stones. Draw down your cold weeping bones. Flesh and souls pacing inexorable patrols. They will not be slow when they arrive, trammeling against the deep divide. Sacrificing for the generations. Creating space in the constellations.
Believe in your brilliance. You are the soldiers for resistance.
SilentBluemoon SilentBluemoon 36-40, F 4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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Very cool :)

Thank you my darlings.

Love this Blue,unique to yourself.x :)

Exquisite in substance and in element, Moonlady. Tis beauty! Thank you for sharing this. Love you. Kissesssssssssss..xoxo