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Last Year

Dear My beloved
I try to help you with your pain and anger, but you refuse my help. Last year I treated you like **** and I wish that I could make it up to you. Last year I tore out your heart half a dozen times, I always say i'm sorry but there isn't enough sorrys in the world to make up for the past. Last year I asked for your love and you gave it to me and I threw back at your face. I was a completely different person last year. I know you will always be scared when I call you because you're worried I will break your heart again. I was trying to figure out who I was, and I wish that I could make it up to you. We've been together now for 6 months and I promise you... I will never break your heart again. I love you j-bo and I want to be with you till the end of time.

Am I a horrible person?
Methos4000 Methos4000 13-15, M Feb 7, 2013

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