I Am A Survivor

Sexual abuse, neglect, rejection, verbal bashing, discrimination, drug abuse, alcoholism....u name it ive probably been there and done that. My latest episode had to have been my strongest and most significant. I was 17 years old, leavin on the streets, selling drugs and addicted to them all the same....i was living the fast life...i knew i would stop one day i just didnt think that day would happen so soon. You know how u ride n a car an du aklways see sum jerk going thirty over the speed limit and u think to yourself that ******* is gonna have an accident....in life i was that *******. Not by choice at first but out of necessity...thrown to the streets at 14, it was all i knew. I was addicted to cocaine, alcohol, extacy, and lcd....marijuana was my new cigarette....every two hours i needed another blunt. One night i was trappin n a local area i wasnt too faamiliar wit but i went where the money went...i had 56 grams of cocaine and needed to get rid of it fast...that night i was so wasted, gone off 6 grams of pure columbian cocaine, smoked an oz of sour diesel by myself and drunk a pint of hennesy....i had a few ppl wit me htat were there to protect me. Around 330 that morning my cuzzin said she needed sum blunt wrapps and snacks so she went to the store, the ppl who were are protection left wit her, theyd said theyd onli be gone 4 a second and theyd be right back...fourty five minutes later the door got kicked in and three masked men raped me and stole everything i had. I was bleeding and in massive pain. Noone would give me aride so i walked 17 miles at five thirty n the morning to the other side of town to my moms house.....i had to literally beg her to take me to the hospital....i sat in the waiting room for 4 hours b4 i went to the back jus to get my blood pressure took. Finally after 6 hours of waiting the doctor came in to see me...when he opened my legz my mother looked and saw the damage. She cried. The smell of infection and blood filled the room and th edoctor almost gagged....seven stitches and three shots later they sent me on my way. Two weeks later i recieved my diagnosis. I had trechanomis, ghonorreah, chlamydia, and bacterium vaginosis....the final diagnosis took my breath away....litrally....i was diagnosed with genital herpes.../hsv2 (herpes simplex virus 2). In an instant i saw all my dreams of being a wife and a mother shattered before my eyes. I screamed, i cried, i died. When arose from my sorrow and recollected my thougths i decided, theres nothing i can do, this will never go away. I have to get out of this lifestyle...forever. by any means necessary. I was admitted into Brynn Marr behavioral hospital in Jacksonville NC after a failed suicide attempt. I detoxed from all the drugz in my system and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It has been almost two years since this experience and i am proud to say...it changed me for the better. I have a greater appriciation for the small things in life....a cool autumn breeze, a leaf blowing in the wind....the rain on a humid summers night. You know that movie American Beauty....i understand. There is so much wrong with the world but htere is so much beauty u jus have to stop and observe it. No matter how bad u got it sum1 has it worse than you....im not that person....ive had hard things happen to me and ive been n tough situations but i am one of the happiest peacful ppl i kno. At time i wanna be left alone...but its not that im angry, im sad at how many ppl take for granted the one thing that really matters....the one thing that onli matters......life. It is wut we make it. Im learning everyday. I am proud to say that my dreams are not shattered. Suppressive therapy has left me outbreak free for over a year and i dont have to take medicine anymore, i can live a normal life and whomever god brings in my life as my companoion will be safe as well. I have a veri supportive boifriend that cares veri much about me. He teaches me everyday to love myself and reminds me constantly that at the end of the day i am a slave onli if i choose to be, the ultimate decision is mine. I choose life, i choose love. I hope you will do the same.

i appriciate you for reading this and i hope it inspired sum of you. Unfortunatley the majority will read this and be disgusted, they will miss the point of the story and bash me for my illness....they will never understand the joy and peace i have. I pray for those ppl. I pray they will know true love, true life and true experience. no longer am i a victim.........I AM A SURVIOR!!   


please comment...wether they be good or bad please take a second to write sumthin...also recommend to others...im new and this is my first story

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Dear Survivor,

You are a precious soul in this world. Please don't look down to your self! I believe you will help vulnerable souls to stand strong with your stories.

I feel so sad with your bad experiences but I believe you are a beautiful person in this cruel world.

Darling, You are still young there is a bright future for you to move on. I pray that you get a new job somewhere that far from your hometown to start a new life.



wow. You seem like such a strong woman! U ARE a survivor indeed. You inspire me with your strength.

So proud of you amazing & strong girl

Well done for staying clean.

mother nature has show you one side of her self now with your understanding of that side she ready to show you another side of her self just keep going mother nature is a fine lady with lots to show you be good

You are an advanced soul, who's spirit is exploring a wide range of experiences that run counter to your true higher loving nature. As the saying goes - you cannot know what you do want, until you experience what you don't want!

I too, have had many difficult setbacks in life - so many that most people would say - "damn - I sure wouldn't want to live that guy's life!"

But it was indeed for a purpose - a purpose which has now become clear to me, even if I might find it difficult, if not impossible to explain that purpose to others.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

What an awesome story I admire the fact that you decided on your own to change it took five years in prison for me to decide to change my ways and appreciate life I admire your courage and will to survive you are an inspiration keep on moving forward.

Very inspirational. You have been through so much and have triumphed.

All the best to you, Ms. Wanascream813!

Really needed to hear this...it helps when you have people to support you! I never have. Just one person and I even insist on pushing him away.

God bless and I hope I can appreciate life as you have come to one day xxx

u r the bravest person i know...thank u for ur story...i wish u da very best ahead

what a beautiful story...these are the type of stories i enjoy reading,the story keeps me on the edge of my seat,keeps me wanting more !!!

Wow - you're amazing xxx

u really tear me up...u r really tough person.....u lucky coz u know how to treasure ur own life after go through really2 hard life...may god bless u.i should not keep regret about my past anymore........

WOW....what a life you have lived & alot you have survived. It is truly incredible that you have come out of so much misery and sorrow with such a bright and positive outlook on life. For anyone who judges you negatively for what you have been through...you were just a child and the things that happened TO YOU cannot be things for which you are responsible for. Besides, it isn't what you do to survive all the mean and harsh things that have been thrown at you and done to you,but it is what you choose to do with your life and how you choose to use what you have learned from it that matter the most. We can't change what happened to us when we were innocent and helpless children who were at the mercy of the cruel injustices in life (that NO child should EVER have to be victim of) but it is what we choose to do with the knowledge and insight we have gained when we come out the other side of it that matters the most! As the product of a very sick,abusive,manic depressive & bipolar mother, I chose to BREAK the cycle of abuse and instead of doing to my children what was done to me....I chose to give to my children all the love,guidance,affection & protection that I never had the priviledge of experiencing. Because of this, I was able to experience what life can be like through the eyes of a child who is loved,supported,encouraged & respected. That is how i was able to heal and find it in my heart to understand,forgive & love my own mom. I truly wish the best for you and if there is one piece of advice I can give you (from someone who has lived a lifetime of hurt,pain and sorrow), the most important and powerful gift you can give yourself...is to forgive those who have hurt you the most. It is true what they say....when you choose to forgive, it doesn't mean you forget or excuse what that person has done to you...but by forgiving them, you are releasing an incredible amount of pain and sorrow that only weighs you down and holds you back. It took me a long time to realize that by forgiving my mom....I was letting go of alot of anger and sorrow that kept me from being the best of me that my kids needed from me. I also came to terms with the fact that my mom was truly a very sick lady who went undiagnosed for a very long time and she didn't choose to be this way and was actually a kind,loving and caring person and I do get to see a glimpse of that person once in a while. Best of luck to you in your life. Thankfully, you are young and have so much of a beautiful life ahead of you. Grab a hold of all the best life can offer you and hold onto it with all the love,passion and compassion you have within you. I truly believe that we are here to learn & grown from our experiences in our lifetime. I truly feel sad for those who leave this life never having had their 'ah hah' moment. You are already way ahead of many others who have lived many years more than you. Wisdom isn't determined by how old a person is,but by the life lessons a person has learned.

Oh Lord, this really made me tear up. What you've gone through is horrible and I can't even begin to imagine what I would have done in such a situation. Keep being optimistic, never lose hope of a better tomorrow. Stay blessed

I understand a lot of what you went through, I am dealing with my granddaughter with a through a way child feeling that she is not wanted by anyone. I have showed her that she is Loved and wanted. She has made some mistakes, one that will never go away, I still love her and show her that. It is great that you were able to turn your life around, good job.

That is very sad. I'm sorry.

YOu are a true survivor! Thx for sharing this inspiring story! Live ur life to the fullest!! good luck

You are amazing, and you are very lucky since you have a good boyfriend who love and look after to you every time.

I have complete admiration for your blunt honesty.

Take care, young lady!

I find your story very inspiring and think it is wonderful you bounced back from something so tragic. I only wish more people who have been down similar paths could see the silver lining and do the same instead of believing thier lives can be no different and continuing to live such a sad lifestyle. I believe there is so much to learn and take from life and too many miss out and let it pass them by.

**** yu, yu out here fooln everybody. What abt da ppl yu hurt, the hearts yu broke . Yu bought to ruin dis nigga life. ***** yu not a victim. Yu sold dat white boy to somebody mom. Im not fckn dumb out here ***** yu dirty yu not clean.

I commend you for your strength to get better, and to put yourself in a better place! Made me cry.

Very inspiring. Stay with that positivity, no matter what. Love you for it.

really heart touching and somethings should be understood by the life of others <br />
because people who learn from their own mistakes are good and the people who learn from others mistakes are great.

I loved your story too i am going through such a difficult time right now in my life and i feel there's no way out. i wanna live i do but right now i wish god would just take me because living without my babies just isnt something i can deal with. But listening to you and hearing your story i can relate to some i have went through it too! your a very strong woman and i wish i could be half as strong as u

You are an inspiration! After reading your story, I couldn't help but smile. A lot of people who have horrible upbringings or experiences let those things take away their happiness and ruin the rest of their lives. Life is full of choices..We can choose to live it happy or miserable! I too have experienced some bad things in life and I always say I am thankful for all that I have been through. It has made me the strong woman I am today! I am happy to see that you have chose to be happy after all that you have endured. Keep living & Keep sharing your story! I'm sure you can change lives & turn your negative experiences into a positive! Take care :)

Muaaah ..Baby Doll..u r an Angel..I have tears in my eyes while I am writing u all this. Every one here has all the love and blessings for u. I am so so Happy to know that u fail the failure and emerge out as more beautiful u, more stronger u, more compassionate u. I must be ur Mom's age. Anytime, u feel to connect sweetheart u R more than welcome and believe me pleasure would be mine baby. Here, I would also like to appreciate ur BF who is actually A REAL MAN & A REAL HERO. GOD BLESS U BOTH...HAVE FANTASTIC LIFE AHEAD. My Blessings always with u both..no matter where I am u will be in my prayers..xxxx

I got tears in my eyes because of your story. You trully inspired me. My head down for your strength and determination to change your life.. I wish you have a happy life. you deserve the very best.

I got tears in my eyes because of your story. You trully inspired me. My head down for your strength and determination to change your life.. I wish you have a happy life. you deserve the very best.

my life has been very similar to urs however i havnt come out the other side yet, i am struggling very much to survive everyday with all the pain i carry around, reading ur story inspired me as well as letting me know ther are other ppl out there who experience the things ive unfortunately had to experience to, u r a true beauty and a role model, i thank u so much for sharing ur very hard story, i wanted to know what helped you get through it and what got u thru to the other side as im stuck in the rut of dispair and need any help i can get to come out of this thing. if i could give u a hug i would u seem so strong i just wish i had a bit of what u have :) xx

I think you are a true survivor overcoming all these situations. Good to hear you found someone too.

You know, I have been in the almost the same predicament. I grew up into a warrior, I did not care who I ALMOST killed. But the fact is majority of men who have grown up from teen years have been traumatized. I will also add this, I have been bullied by my ex-uncle. One day I almost took him out in front of my blood uncle and his sister. I hate being bullied. Then the same ex-uncle bullied me in front of everyone at my moms home, I almost killed him because of all the torment I got put through. Plus, my mom at one point in time, put me through hell by treating me like a kid. I also endured emotional abuse, psychological abuse, mental abuse, and lastly sex abuse. I sympathize for the original poster, She can get rid of the herpes virus and others, She can do this through natural herbs. I am lucky I did not catch anything. I have been raped as well, from the toddler hood. That made me the person I am today. <br />
<br />
You take care, everyone take care

You are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing this story. It inspires me.

You brought tears to my eyes. I wish you the best. Thank you for the lesson on perspective.

yes, you should be a writer. i also know there is beautify in life everyday. you have to connect with nature and animals. i too have herpes and i know that 80 % of people have it- they just don't have symptoms. it is very painful. <br />
life is hard but try to find out why you took this path. you know the book you are dumb stupid and fat.<br />
you were raped because you were in a bad place. why were you in a bad place? what put you there? get away from evil people. there are good peoplle is the world. just stick with them.

Thank you for sharing the story! It inspires me to LIVE ! Addiction is a disease that takes us dangerous,weird, unhealthy places.But we Do recover,if we want to.Usually it takes a good bang on my head to wake me up.<br />
Please stay strong,LOVE yourself and take care.<br />
Love n Hugs

stay strong

You're truly a survivor. I'm also Bipolar and I've been through some tough times but not even comparible with the things you've been through. I to understand the movie American Beauty. It feels pretty good to be able to step back and smell the roses every once in a while. Many people will never understand what that feels like. There's a song by Elvis titled "If I Can Dream" it's pretty good give it a listen. I wish you the best of luck

hell you are a survivor....go girlll

I have a massive amount of respect for you. Not many of us could of survived that journey! All the very best to you.

it takes strong guts to tell your past to others and to ome over that . Great strong woman

i must say, although i was disgusted at the begginging and was thinking; ''omg''<br />
i was also inspired. i just hope you fulfil all your ambitions and don't worry, everyone learns from their mistakes and i'm sure you have because you've even moved on. <br />
good luck in life and look after your family, teach them wisely and tell them to follow the correct path so they make you happy.<br />

May God watch over us all. <br />
<br />
Of course the experience of the events you have been through cannot be described in these words, however, a women like your self have seen the light and embraced it.<br />
<br />
Other people surrendered to their weaknesses while you fought back your darkness. You have so much kindness in you, and I am sure you feel how life is valuable and precious.<br />
<br />
You have the gift now of feeling and understanding what life is about .<br />
I pray that God will give us the strength to fight our darkness and reach his graces.

I know were your coin from, i'm only 17 and i've lived some of those things. You are a very strong women, keep holding your head high.

you are right.. <br />
there are so many wrongs in the world but there are more things that makes it beautiful..<br />
The thing is just only in our mind and our hearts. <br />
I am so happy for you.. <br />
I dont think anybody could have done any better than you did.. <br />
Writing this takes courage, strength and determination as you look back where you were before and narrate it to us..I couldnt imagine how difficult it could be..<br />
It is faith and love that brought you where you are now..<br />
I wish you more good things in life will come your way..<br />
Thank you for that very courageous story..

You are a very strong girl and a fighter..wow..i just loved to know about u...absolutely wonderful and congratulations..<br />
u know once i was caught up in too many problems and i was sick of my struggle. I had an uncle and i asked him,' Why i have all the problems in this world'. He said,' When u go to see a movie which character u remember the most?...mostly the tragic ones which a writer writes with all the emotions and very carefully. So the people who see tough life and struggle in life, they are God's special people and they are in this world on a mission. They are the chosen one'.<br />
So u see..u r a special child of God. Our experience and struggle make us better persons.<br />
Hey..stay happy..i love u ..God bless you.


I'm really, really inspired. You've gone through such terrible things, but you've still managed to move on. I'm not like you in that way, but I want to be. I dwell on ridicoulus things really - like the fact that the guy I've been inlove with for 1 year and been rejected things some of my friends are qeeks. But c'mon, who really gives a ****?<br />
I just liked to say that you've really turned my day around. I'm thankful for reading this. It's not very often that I come across this sort of stories, because I'm a pretty privilaged kid. So thank you, for giving a new perspetive on my life. Sort of. Anyways, YOU GO GIRL ! ;)

Well done you for admitting what you WANT and that you appreciate lifes offerings. I'm glad you've seen the light and I'm sure you will and have already survived. WOW! People like you just inspire me. Hold your head up high, you are living girl...

Proud of you. I hope your still going and growing strong. May God continue to bless you.

Congratulations on saving your life!<br />
<br />
Now you can prepare to be a GREAT MOM! The majority of us in America come from parents that didn't know how to raise us properly as a result of abuses and such they went through themselves. <br />
When this happens the cycle has to be broken,or it can be passed down from generation to generation. until it is somehow broken!<br />
<br />
Hopefully you were able to learn a lot about how life can turn out when a human is in certain situations and is raised a particular way. 98% Of how we turn out is a direct reflection of how we are raised by our parent(s). We need GREAT MOMS and DADS! Let's pray you can break that cycle!<br />
<br />
Parents must research what it takes to become a great parent long before giving birth. Even if a baby is born before being able to be properly prepared it is never to late to do whatever it takes to become the best parent. Parents must love their children 1 zillion times more than they love themselves! Parents must be willing to die for their babies at any moment!<br />
<br />
America is the home I love but the people who run it are viscious and cold. They do not care what happens to us! If you don't take control, no one will for you!<br />
<br />
Thank GOD for giving you life every day and he will be there for you! Pray every day of your life for him to give you the power to be a GREAT MOM so you can teach your baby(s) how to be great parents! Thank GOD for giving you the power to give the greatest gift of all, LIFE!<br />
<br />
Please contact me anytime, I would love to help guide one of GOD'S children! Have a great life and be happy!

I think you are a true survivor and anyone that has anything negative to say to you is just selfish and caught in their own world, keep living and being strong, you are a true inspiration to all!!

Thank you so much for sharing ur story, darling. u went through the real **** but u did fight, u didnt give up. u took ur life back and that's something to be bloody proud of. and it takes so much courage to share things like that but u did share them with dignity. and only someone who deeply loves and accepts oneself is able to do it that way - yes u definitely are A SURVIVOR, not a victim. <br />
Bless you and your boyfriend. <br />
Take care of yourself and keep loving yourself each day.<br />
lots of love<br />

WOW great story.<br />
<br />
You know you appreciate life now and the only reason why is because you tasted the bitter that life through at you. so now you appreciate the sweet.<br />
<br />
Life gives us hard times, but at-least we can write a story about it.

well done for movin on to better thing i alway say what every does not kill u it makes u stronger good luck

wow, that was inspiring.. Stay strong..

What can I say to you. It's all been said.<br />
Experience teaches wisdom - and there are those twice your age with not half the experience and even less wisdom. You've graduated from the school of life and now you're a teacher! Stay strong hun. I wish you and your man wil stay in loveiness and peace. xx

Sweetheart you are blessed and if that man makes you fall more in love with yourself he is not a good man he is a great man and you keep him and don't overthink or overanalyze how he feels or thinks just allow yourself to feel his love and affection.Stay strong sister.I love you and the courage you possess.You are are awesome!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, you are such a beautiful, inspirational person. I am so happy that you have found a wonderful man who loves you. Thank you so much for the insight into your past. I am humbled by your strength. Warmest wishes for your continued peace

It sucks you have those diseases. have you heard of Xango? It's expensive, but sometime maybe i'll send you a bottle for christmas lol. or kwanzaa. anyway, Xango helps keep infections at bay. anyway, wow. your story is pretty incredible. I hope you and your boyfriend last, but be careful, don't look to him for happiness. I don't know if you do this, but since you know you and all i know of you is this story, it's all i can say to try and help you...<br />
<br />
<br />
but thank you for being so strong and appreciating life.

OMGosh That is SO sad and 2 think that could've been ME!

what an inspiration.....just a blessing to hear your strength...have you ever thought about speaking to others one day? Telling ur story to teens? Young adults heading down wrong paths? Job corp facilities? Halfway houses? Etc? If you feel strong enough, I think it'd be great to use ur story and strength to help others! So many females and males goin down all the paths to "fix" their past and current self esteem crises...the world cries ouut for you. God bless

I hope that people will listen and realize-<br />
someone always has it worse-<br />
No matter who you are.<br />
<br />
You are a gem!<br />
God Bless!

I hope that people will listen and realize-<br />
someone always has it worse-<br />
No matter who you are.<br />
<br />
You are a gem!<br />
God Bless!

I am so proud of & inspired by you!

You got it right girl! I have had some rough spots in life and am still not given up and I love to hear it when someone can learn from there tragetiest and eager to inform otheres YOU GOT A GOOD HEART GIRL!

Taking control is the first step in the right direction!!!

i also have been thru the same life style and i am now 30 and though the enternal pain of what we go thru in our lives we have to be strong and overcome it and learn from the experience we lived and move on.i have been blessed though at times i wanna run away and hide from everyone and thing i must go on...i hope u have a blessed and fullfilled life i 2 am a survivor and woman of pain but we must go on

well your story moved me i think that you certainly have had it the worst i dont know anybody that has had it that bad. But you came out of the other end and im proud of you for saying so you are a very brave person and you are a survivor. I hope your future is everyhting you want it to be Good Luck big hug

omg that was so moving and inspiring i feel sorry for you darling i hope everything goes well in the future u have inspired me for my life thank you xxx

You go Girl! <br />
Now that u survived...go on strive... and thrive!!!<br />
Heaps proud of you.<br />

well congrats on ur courage and determination to turn ur disaster into a inspiring story for others. and it seems u have something that all of us even if some of us dont realize it now want which is at least one person on this earth that understand,love and accepts us for the person we truly are and not who we pretend to be and this is what i;m learning now, acceptance of ones self and others. cheers to u girl. oh and i love your pic and the way its taken.

Wow what a inspiring story. I'm setting here thinking how greatfull I 'm to be able to read our story because i'm an Alcoholic and a addict. I spent 33yrs drinking an drugging, I went to the street at 13yrs old an never learned to Love anything but myself. I was the man who abused everybody, from family members, wifes, my own children or anybody who got in my way. I lived in anger all those years. It wasn't until I hit my bottom [ which is a other story] That I was save from myself that a Power greater than me took over my life. Now I understand and appreciate all the little things in life. An that people like you are one of lives Blessing, to be able to share your story so honestly and openly is truly a blessing to all who suffer from addictions. God bless you Ed

Wow girl, I amazed at the beauty of your appreciation for life and the way you have come out of all that was bad for you and turned your life around.

brilliant you have your life back . And even when think go wrong with boyfriend and life dont give up. YOU got what it tacked I thought it bad Solder on

Your story is moving and has inspired me. It is beautiful how you are able to face the world with such strength. You ARE a survivor.

Wow...just wow. You are truly a survivor and an inspiration! You have inspired others though some may not have the courage to admit it. You are right ppl do take things for granted and never realize what they are missing out on!! Your story proves people do change and everyone deserves a second chance! Thanks for sharing your story!

I am happy that you survive. I am survivor too, and my girlfriend. That is nice that some stories finally comes to happiness.

Life......everyone wants to know the reason, or the point, the ULTIMATE question or whatever. To me you just explained something, you explained some of the hurt in the world, the sadness, the lonleyness, the hoplessness, and im not saying thats what happened to you. But that is the definition of life to me, that we can still get up, still walk away. Ok, im sure its not the true point to life, but its one of the key things that will help you find it. Your story was amazing, it truly spoke to me, not because i felt sorry for you, not because i was amazed by your braveness, though these are true. It was an inspirational story, that is definatly true, but to me, it was more amazing, incredible, encoraging. Most people have said, thank you for sharing, im not going to. This may seem rude and mean, but, though i am grateful you shared your story. I am sure you must feel so much more amazing now that it is off your chest. So thank yourself from me, for having the corage and strength to write it.

Life......everyone wants to know the reason, or the point, the ULTIMATE question or whatever. To me you just explained something, you explained some of the hurt in the world, the sadness, the lonleyness, the hoplessness, and im not saying thats what happened to you. But that is the definition of life to me, that we can still get up, still walk away. Ok, im sure its not the true point to life, but its one of the key things that will help you find it. Your story was amazing, it truly spoke to me, not because i felt sorry for you, not because i was amazed by your braveness, though these are true. It was an inspirational story, that is definatly true, but to me, it was more amazing, incredible, encoraging. Most people have said, thank you for sharing, im not going to. This may seem rude and mean, but, though i am grateful you shared your story. I am sure you must feel so much more amazing now that it is off your chest. So thank yourself from me, for having the corage and strength to write it.

I am so happy that your life has changed for the better. I am sad that you had such a horrible experiance. I wish you well and stay on the new path you chose.

i'm so sorry that that stuff happened to you. i had a similar experience except i was between 2 and 7 when it all happened, i was born addicted to drugs, abused until i was almost dead and raped multiple times by my step dad. do i still thin about it?...yes! do i regret that it happened?...sometimes, a lot better me than my siblings.

well thats real good for you that you changed your life.your a true survivor when life got you in a tough situation hard crises even kicked you when you were down you kept your head up and held your own ground.your story will change peoples life mind and hearts.cause theres lot of girls n guys out there doing the same as you once did but this will give them hope something they could hold on too.your an angel and god bless you.thanks a lot for this and hope youll get the better things in live...mdgy1003

I am so grateful to hear that you came out the other side of those experiences, survived, and are able to turn your life around to a better way.<br />
Many, many blessings; and may good fortune follow you now for the rest of your life! Your strength will be an inspiration to help lift up others who are finding the going tough.<br />
Good health, my sister!

Proof positive that life is what you make of it. You are a true inspiration. Hugs.

I suggest you do the following:<br />
find a good PR agent (maybe there is someone here who is or has connections) and get yourself heard on radio and TV.<br />
<br />
You need to become a celebrity so all you sisters (and bros) can learn from you. <br />
You are now the teacher of "Escape to LIfe". <br />
Go for it. <br />
There is fame and money in helping too.<br />
Make a futere like the sky is blue.

God Bless you!! You are such a wonderful gift to this world. You are and always will be an inspiration. Keep believing and living life in the present, and the future will be your gift! Stay strong and believe in yourself and the love you have for yourself and others!!! Remember....everything for a reason. Good Luck, and Best wishes for a happy life!!!

you did not give up- thank you for fighting for your life. you would not have gone through so much if there wasn't a purpose for you on this earth. Share your story and you will help other people- you helped me. thank you. linda