Iv Learned So Much

my passed had touch me so much what ive have learned

i will pass it on to my daughter with love .

the passed has shaped me who iam its made me compasnate

and kinder its made me a good mother .

i have learned that your passed can make you biter and full

of hate or it can make you better and more compashnet .

i live life to the fullest and it seems i drawl lost hurting people to me

its like god helps me heal them with my words of kindness and hugs

just like at my church a lady i just met was so hurtting and we all prayed for her

and god spoke to me to tell her that he knows her deepest pain

and knows every tear shes cryed and god wanted me to hug and comfort her

and i gave her a big hug . its like a smile and a hug changes people

i try to share the love and hugs

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
Dec 28, 2009