Waving Bye To The Past! All Fingers At Attention!

Well, where do I begin. I should be doing homework (online) right now. But, I felt the need to express myself. My  past life  was full of, "you can't be the lead" in a school play. To being laughed at or teased about my hands. Yes, I am part of  the syndactyly family. Oh, what is that you might  ask? Well, to put it in a nutshell, it is when two fingers are fused together. You know. Sort of like putting crazy glue between your fingers and joining the two in "holy matramony" forever.

Yep...I was that kid that always hid her hands. And very well I might add. Whether I had to put some sort of bandage on them, pretending that I was injured in a school yard prank. Or, telling the curious that I had a bad cut. This went on for quite some time. Until I got older. Well, I'm 37 now. Soooo I'd say I've been hiding (out in the open) for aboooout...almost my whole life!

It was not a cake walk in the park let me tell ya! And the crazy part about it is...I'm an entertainer!!! Go figure. A place where you are constantly judged, ridiculed, and praised (10% of the time). Here I am. An actress, (just got a small role), singer (cd in 2004. small sales/friends and family), creative director, (cable access t.v. show), comedian (I'm funny. Really!), etc.,

Why I was even married (and that's a story that I will tell as time goes on).

Bottom line...I'm trying to find my place in this crazy circus of a life. I've had some great times. But, the journey is ever challenging and ongoing. I am forming my own company in which I hope to help those who are "different" or "odd" or just plain creative. Guess I could post pics. But, maybe when the heart becomes a wee bit stronger. I have a lot to say. And I tried doing it "journal-style". Not working. So here I am future! Saying hello to you. And waving bye bye to the past. With all fingers at attention;)

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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Hey, i'm going through the same ****, still finding who I am (and not liking it) and was raised in my brothers shadow, well, thats what it felt like..

Well it sounds like you will be a great leader to teach others what caring really means! YOU GO GIRL