Ray Of Hope

I am an ultimate optimist , soaked in ray of hope, with a very positive outlook towards life and a vision for a better tomorrow for all of us. 

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thank you very much

Subatomic particle!!!radiant...

you are better

Wow. I wish I could be more like that!

i , myself have too many issues to deal with. my life too got changed by something overnight. even i was supposed to have a better life, better than what i have today.<br />
<br />
you said you are intelligent, poetic, creative and thoughtful, that makes you talented and gifted, but i don't even have those talents. i am not gifted with what you have , all i have is a will to feel that i won't let myself go wasted.<br />
<br />
start enjoying what you have

I am a total pessimist. It has become so bad, I do not like myself. I wrote a poem about being bitter. Short of drugs, I don't know how to get better. My life seems to be over, I have some weird debilitating illness that changed my life overnight, and the world seems to be going to hell as well. I was supposed to have a better life than this, I am intelligent, poetic, creative, thoughtful. I feel invisible.

Great like eternal sea of stars<br />
Tell me what you feel when our bodies<br />
Are crucified and what you feel<br />
When speak form karma<br />
Keep the pictures your hearts<br />
Rainbow and eveything you believe<br />
If makes you happy

have some to live happy

thank you everyone for your valuable inputs . <br />
<br />
we make the world

the world needs more people like you

Thank you. I trust you. :-)

I am defiantly not this person, but I try to be. These words made me smile...thank you

have trust and faith,<br />
<br />
we will go on

It's optimists like yourself that give humankind a ray of hope that we will continue on.