I Want To Change

Hello. Well, i would really like to change my way of acting and communicating with people. I´m in middle school and well, i don´t seen to make many friends, i accually don´t make friends at all, i try to be myself and i am, but i guess no one likes me. i have no friends only classmates. i want to change that, i at least would like to have one friend, a person who understands me, who cares for me, but i don´t know how to change, i mean, i don´t think as myself as a bad person, or weird, no, but, no one seems to want to be friends with me, i did have one friends, that i thought we were going to be friends forever, but no, one day to another she changed, and started to hang out with other girls. should I change or be myself? I really don´t know.

kitilanice kitilanice
13-15, F
Feb 10, 2010