The Inexperience That Cost Me My Job


After I graduated from an accredited APTA Physical Therapist Assistant program I started applying for jobs and sending my resume out. I came across a great job in a city two hours away from my hometown and I decided I should give it a shot. I got the interview and accepted the job. I moved to the city and lived in an apartment for the first time by my self. The place where I worked was indeed a great place to work, It was a private practice outpatient clinic, my boss was amazing and I always felt Iike I could talk to her. There was one other therapist and a front desk lady that made up this practice and I jumped at the opportunity to work there and when I began working my schedule was slow and I was learning so I did my best and listened closely. I took my state boards and got my license right before my boss went out of town. I was so excited everything was falling into place for me for once. This all changed as I quickly found myself in a compromising situation. My co-workers were gossiping about my boss while my boss was out of town!  and I know how gossipers are if they gossip about someone to you chances are they will gossip about you to someone else (probably to my boss) so I just turned away from it and ignored it... I didn't know what to do.  As the weeks went by I found it more and more difficult to perform at work and I began to get a little performance anxiety, so naturally I studied and studied until I knew my material with textbook precision. I began to get better and my confidence went up. Then I gradually began to withdraw from everyone because of the gossiping. I did not open up to anyone, I just kept my head down and did my job. I wanted to quit. Three months later our practice was bought out by a Physician Owned Family Practice and we were to merge our PT dept with their PT dept. and there was a very good reason for this -our patient success rate was much higher than theirs and so I was sent over to introduce our treatment approach. I worked my butt off and stayed true to what i had learned and it got harder and harder for me... I had no support my co worker antagonized the belief that I was better and I knew more than they did and I figured that I just needed to stick it out so I developed some thicker skin and I found it even harder to do my job because they didn't want to do things the way we did them ( that's when I learned all about the rule of seniority the hard way) so I struggled but I held on. I eventually confronted the front desk lady with an email and politely asked her to stop gossiping, she began acting stand offish to me and in a passive aggressive way messed up my schedule by not scheduling anyone with me and blaming it on my performance.  After a year I had survived and I did well, I felt good about my performance.  The patients I was treating did very well with their rehab and I was recognized for it. The other therapist from the original practice began to say the most off the wall left field things to me about my boss. I quickly realized that I was involved in a triangulation and I quit my job after another year of emotional blackmail. I let go of my job and I did it because I had to. I knew if I stayed It would have ruined any of the relationships I had built so I took a job that has a much healthier dynamic and I'm definatly more aware of what Dr Cloud and Townsend call 'unsafe people'.

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Any kind of talking about people while they are not there is not nice. <br />
It is very hard for someone that cares about their career remember people stick together.<br />
Old world stuff they will hang on to thier jobs you were a threat to them or to the club.<br />
If a person gossips about one its like a rat you only see a small percentage of their victims.<br />
It's a epidemic if you think about the stats on this in the workplace.<br />
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