hi all.    Actualy in teen age my neighbour forcely wear to female clothes  to me and than sex with me. At that time i do not know about that. But as the time pass out after many years i remember that event i just so excited. Now i have wear female clothes of my mother at home while i am alone. And do masturbastion. At that time i enjoy it but after that i feel guilty. I don't  know. Why it is done. I am so confuese about that. plz help.....

anjalisay61 anjalisay61
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

Hi son well that is tobad that the neighboor did that. but since he did there is no turning back the clock and no cure for what qwe do. There are thousands of us that go from cross dressing to being a transexual and having implants and SRS surgery. Do you still dress and please men? This is nothing new I am 61 and a few years ago I went out on my own accord and did the same thing to please a man just to see if I could. What was it that the neighboor made you do? LOVE Samantha