Anyone Willing To Help Is Amazing In My Eyes.

I'm a 13 year old girl , 5'8, tall, slender, with curly hair.  im not saying my name for my own saftey. I grew up in the south for a while, but i live in the north now. I have a very lovely family and fantastic friends. my life is pretty good. but theres one thing that ruins everything.

i have hyperhydrosis. which is a skin condition that causes you to sweat...alot.  mine just happens to be in the worst place, under my arms. i got it right around puberty. it affects everthing that goes on in my life extremely. i have to turn down social get togethers like dances, partys, and just simple things. temperature doesnt really have any affect on this at all. It is the most embaresing thing that can possibly happen to me i think.

two people know, my mom and sister. ive tried alot like certain dri, mitchum, lemon juice, baby powder, baking soda, clinical strength. you name it. and none have worked. i have been reading about botox injections, which last about 6 moths. but are expensive. i dont know if my mom will do that. i can hide it pretty well in the winter mostly with jackets. but when summer rolls around im left with almost nothing. it brings down my confidence so much. and i can just forget any kind of relationship with a guy because he would eventually find out.i dont know what i would do if that happened.

 i dont even know what to do any more. no matter what i do i cant escape this. i have broken down countless times over this. its horrible and changes everything, and not in a good way. ive considered mike ramseys book "stop sweating and start living", but it doesnt work for most people. every day it breaks me down further and further ripping at my life and ruining everthing. i only want to be a normal girl who doesnt have to worry about this. but i cant.

i dont see how anything can work now. this has blinded me from everything and it interferes with my life in so many ways.but im not going to give up. this is one of the most embaresing things to say considering how many people can read this. but i just dont know what to do any more. if you have any answers, suggestions, comments, questions. annything please. talk to me. i want my life to change, and im praying that someone or something comes soon. thank you.

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Hyperhidrosis can be cured with a surgical procedure called axillary suction currettage. While it's not minor surgery, you're released from the hospital the same day the procedure is done. I'm not sure how old you have to be in order to have the procedure done, so it might not be a solution for you quite yet, but it's definitely something that can be fixed when the time is right. Hope this helps.