V Day Surprise

I was dating a amazing guy for some time and what I thought was a match made in heaven didn't survive because he works third shift in another state. So we left on good terms. About a week ago we were video chatting and he got me into tears because he still loves me and misses me. At this point I am ready to give it another go despite the travel. Then on vday I get an email from a girl asking me who I am. Turns out as soon as he moved back to his state from mine he started sleeping with another girl or so she claims. Of course he denies it but I hate the drama and crap that this week has been for me. That was starting point for me to get over the relationship and move on.

forgivin23 forgivin23
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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

yeah, that isn't good. Usally if someone says that, it is true or he has pissed them off enough to want to ruin his relationship.