*~ Its Not About The Past... Its About Making The Future ~*

There are many people in this world who have yet to figure out there place. Some of us can wander around the world with no hope and think.. is there even a point in me getting out of bed today? you may think you have no purpose and that there is nothing worth living or breathing for but if my bog is the only place wee you are going to here it than at least read it! Because I am a genuine soul beingave always  on the face of planet earth to be just like everyone else... I am not God, I do not pretend to be nor do I wish i was for whatever your higher power is out there...Just know that He is looking after you. The one thing I can elaborate on is the topic any more other than to say... you have a purpose and the purpose driven life is one of health and a long and strong relationship that will hold on to your hand just as if you were holding on to Gods. I am by far not a bible thumper and I dont have any intentions on here other than to share a heart that is in a spot to help shed some light on to others dark spots... maybe reflect grow and Heal from those.


Everyone has a calling and no matter how young or old you are... (or think you are) Remember AGE IS JUST A # put on to give people a limit and an exspiry date... I will let you know... YOU ARE NOT DISPOSABLE you have a heart, you beat and breath my air and we can learn to share.






18-21, M
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yes thanks for reminding me

Helloooo...good story