Moving Forward

I can't change the fact that I suck as a friend, I can't change the fact that I'm selfish to look for my answers in life and lead a very solitary life. I can't change that I'm a lousy bf. I can't change the fact that I would love a fresh start.

One thing I can change is now. To move forward no matter how bad things are. As least by tending myself as a start.

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Yeah, will keep on fighting. You fight for your dream too.

Really inspiring what you wrote. So true. Some times we are stuck on our past. Wanting to change something unchangeable. We should focus only in the present and look forward to a better tomorrow. Wether we had a terrible past or the most amazing time in the past nothing will ever make it come back. The past is the past no matter what. Today is the day to start doing the best we can and challenge ourselves to become better than yesterday. To become better friends, better son/daughter, better mom/dad, etc. Anyways dont give up on any of your dreams. Keep fighting for what you really want.<br />
Oh and if you can write back want to keep in touch. See ya.