I Turn My Thoughts In To Songs...

I've suffered with depression all my life and I'm still pretty deeply in it. The last time I tried to commit suicide was nearly 4 years ago but up to then I lived a very destructive life and tried killing myself several times and had some close calls. Although my behavior is now 100% better, my thoughts are still pretty much the same. I made a promise to my parents whilst in hospital to live for them so now I try and deal with my thoughts by putting them in to songs, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


It would make me feel like there's been a reason for all the pain if one day my songs helped someone else. Here's one I've written called She Cries:   http://apps.facebook.com/ilike/artist/Kelly+Mueller/track/She+Cries+%28Acoustic+Mix%29 




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Hmm yep, I've been suicidal. I still think death is somehow a blessing. Living is hard...but that's where the challenge lies. If you can make it work.. in spite of what you're going through. Life will get better.

ur not alone...

I think we have to always try for our own happinesss but helping others should make you feel better about yourself<br />
<br />
* goes to check out song *