Yes ,you Can Change The Past- Find Out More!

Hope depends upon perception.  You can learn to control your perception by practicing the coping skills and especially the visualizations that teach you to master the releasing of past negative emotions and beliefs.

 There many ways that I work to re-educate the emotional part of the brain.  This is encouraging work.  Many of these re-educating the emotional brain  techniques can be found in my book,Not Your Mother’s Diet – The CURE for Your Eating Issues.  Healing seems to occur spontaneously using these techniques.  Memory repeats in a context of low anxiety, desensitizing it and allowing a non-traumatized set of responses to become associated in the brain with that experience. 

The above information and more will be given in a FREE Teleconference. in March, 2010 by  Dr. Kathleen Fuller or HUGirl

HUGirl HUGirl
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Feb 20, 2010