Getting Myself Stable So I Can Help My Daughter.

I've written out my immediate concern three times in different parts of this website and I keep getting bumped off.  I'll try one more time! :) 

I am a single mom aged 52 with a beautiful 16 year old daughter. I am a recovering alcoholic,on effexor for depression, and I work full time.  My daughter is cutting herself and I am looking for some encouragement today.  I learned of her cutting a week ago and she has seen a psychiatrist twice since.  He seems to be very concerned for her welfare.  She was put on .5mg of lexipro two weeks before by a nurse practioner at the same care facility. The   psychiatrist does not seem to be the type of doctor who wants to throw pills at her and wants to see if the pills help or not.

Just looking for some experience, strength and hope from someone in this group.




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Hi a fellow recovering alchoholic, and sexual abuse victim. Al-anon helps family memebers of alcoholics, talk to your sponsor they can help or point you in the right direction.

I used to cut myself too back in many years before, it was as a means to punish myself for not being perfect and making mistakes. I don't remember how I stop, I do know that, spending more time with people and learning how to express myself help a lot. I've never taken pills, and I think pills are just a band aid to the cut, it doesn't solve the root of the problem.<br />
<br />
While I was in the phrase of self harm, I felt cornered and doesn't have a place to go. The adrenaline of blood flowing makes me feel alive for a moment, so maybe you best offer to your beautiful daughter is a safe place by your side. By letting her know it's ok to talk to you that you'll be there for her when she needs you.

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i get the nuture and support i need from myself took a long time to figure out how to do that. the nuture and support i want i do get a lil more from my family, a couple of my friends, and im still wishing my husband will make more effort like im doing for him. I am at 32 weeks tomorrow its a girl i cant wait i want to give her all the things i never received emotioally.

Thank you for responding. It means a lot. <br />
We are going one day at a time and right now she is staying with some friends of ours who are loving but also firm. She likes being with them cause there is always a lot of acitivity and noise and laughter. It is hard to admit that right now she is better off with them than with me. They know about the cutting and are treating her wounds and not letting her hide them. They love her and they let her know that. I am still reeling from this but see my therapist tomorrow. She is a dancer, an artist, an actress but has walked away from those acitivities. I don't know if she needs to get back into them, or maybe take a martial arts class to work out some of the anger and pain.<br />
How far along is your pregnancy? Do you know the sex of the baby? I am glad you don't cut anymore and hope you are getting the nurturing support you need and deserve.

I cant speak from your side but i use to be a cutter my self at first it was a release of pain, some its for attention, mnie turned dangerous when i decided cutting wasnt enough i decided i wanted to just finish it all. Be firm with her try to find the source of the problem try to help her find other ways to focus her mind off all that is making her do that i turned to alcohol which is worse but being pregnant now i just have to keep my hands busy with knitting anything to keep the focus away from the release it provides. Just my opinion of course only you and her can make the changes in your own way