I Left The Old Behind And Put On The New

When I was in the old I had sin and hurt and abuse many bad things. Some I brought on myself most actually, but some thing made me the victum.  I asked the Lord into my heart and became new again! He died for my sins and wash my sins away with the blood he shed on the cross. My Jesus chose me on beaten and corupt sinner, that could burn in hell for eternity and God reached out his hand and accepted me into the Family of God, that I  may live and have eternal life. I read John when I first was saved and the Holy spirit made me whole, I have a peace within no one can explain, I have a song in my heart all the time. Every time we sin we just put another thorn in our Jesus head or another nail in his foot, to hurt such a beautiful, kind, King Jesus Christ our Savior is so sad because he Chose us!!! He loves us more than any one can understand. God Bless you and he loves you too.

donna44 donna44
46-50, F
Mar 4, 2010