And I Have The Courage To Post This?

I use to have lots of trouble with ****. It started with henti. I had trust in my friend that it would not go the wrong way. We would look at it together. Not exactly the brightest moments. Later on in the year my mother found out and put a block on my computer. I soon begain to write out my fantasies. It was mostly dragons since they seem to have an intersting erotic myth of how it works for them.

As my mother thought she could trust me agian I begain to have trouble with it agian. I looked at worst things like nude pics of wemon. I am not proud of it. She found out agian and put a block on it until I fianlly moved out to go to college which is this year. I thought I have quit my old habits but I havn't so I joined anointed youth. I found great people there. Great advice for things that happen throught the day. Things that I just feal down about.

I got an acountability partner and have had a little more success not looking at it and for this easter 2010 I have fasted in a way that I hope will please God. i quit the normal ************. I am thinking about continuing it after easter but there is a chance I may go back to it. I won't be looking at **** because I don't need it. I was lucky to not have been that far away from God to need it. I plan that in the future I will be free of the temptation to look at ****. It can be done

saphtalon saphtalon
18-21, M
Mar 6, 2010