Time To Change

there are things you cant change anymore.. the past. i never had a good childhood experience not just with someone but a number of people. i 1st bestfriend i ever had had used me, taught me how to steal from my dad's work desk. my uncle mistreated me in my own house, cursing at me calling me nasty things when my parents are not home. i grew up having that awful memory of my past but couldnt change them. i became a loner because of that.

growing up as a teenager was hard for me. but it was a challenge that i had to face. later on i've learned how to deal with being a loner. i have learned that if you stick to the past & only the past.. you'll get nowhere. so screw that and do something! those things are over so get over it. its time to change. so after college i went to all places working my *** off to get rid of my past.

what happened to my Uncle now is he got so skinny. when he saw me he couldnt even say a word at me, not even an appology. my childhood friend? someone from my town gave him my cell phone number. he texted me saying weird stuff. i only said to him 'go find a new friend buddy' & 'goodluck'. thats it! i dont know what happened to him. i've learned he's gay (yuckness!) so goodluck to him & hope he'll get a nice one out there xD

from then on i realized i've changed my life.. and yes indeed i have xD

santcma79 santcma79
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1 Response Mar 6, 2010

you know what....since like you got something figured out that a lot of people are still struggling to comes to terms with ...self pity. You show an absolute lack of sentimentalism in that respect. I'm glad that you got away from the people that were hurtful to you. But there's still a lot of hate and festering resentment in you. <br />
<br />
You got one thing right though, it's difficult to trust anyone. I have been a loner all my life. At times the loneliness seemed overwhelming...but worse than the loneliness was the self-pity. You had one thing right. ....You have to work very hard to overcome the past....but here's to better memories for you and myself too