Help Me Learn From You.

Im at a crossroads in my life. Im graduating college. Im moving from a life that I have made here and not moving back to the life I had before. Im re-thinking everything I thought I knew for certain. Im revisiting every kernel of knowledge I held true and re evaluating everything.I want to see life like I never have. I want to see life from 10000 angles- right, wrong, or otherwise.


So heres the deal: Im looking for perspective from strangers. I'm asking a simple question and hoping the cyber world will respond. What words do you live by?

This can mean so many things: a phrase, a philosophy, a picture ( I mean its a 1000 words right?), a movie, a song, a story. I want to know anything that has guided you or given you perspective.

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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

I'm at a loss to answer your question with anything less than a million pages of text... but here are some lines that have helped me out along the way, though I didn't really understand most of them when I first heard them. Some, I still don't fully understand:<br />
<br />
What is love: "The closer I am bound to you, the more I am free."<br />
<br />
"truly moving into the future means letting who you were die - the same fears that do a damn good job of keep us from punching lions also keep us from living."<br />
<br />
"and if you keep your vision clear, you will see the future. What happens in our future is our own responsibility."<br />
<br />
btw, a lot of people live their whole lives without really growing out of childhood because they're afraid of the coin called living/dying. The fact that you're starting this examination of your past self at such a young age - and the corresponding death of your old and outdated road maps of life - is a gift more precious than you know.